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The teachers at World Heart Beat are highly skilled professional musicians, and many of them are world renowned. They all believe that teaching is an important part of being a musician, and they are passionate about sharing their expertise and experience with the next generation.

As an Academy that teaches music across every genre, we have a diverse group of musicians, many of whom are acclaimed in their field. Being taught by these musicians inspires the students as they are exposed to many different ways of learning music. For example, just as many of our programmes are taught by ear as by reading sheet music. This experience is key to both understanding music and to the feeling of creating music. We always endeavour to place your child with an available teacher, who is most appropriate for their needs and level of musical ability.

Excellence as standard

The Academy is a truly welcoming place that is open to all people, cultures and music from around the world, transcending borders. All students are encouraged to strive for excellence, and this is evident in the outstanding music exam results, year after year. 

Music plus…

Classes are generally taught in small groups in a collaborative environment. Aside from music, learning in a group setting also helps students to learn about teamwork, building their confidence and helping them to make new friends. Some instruments are also taught in one-to-one, individual classes.

Get to know our teachers and staff…

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Alok Verma


Ayo Vincent


Byron Wallen


Carys Gittins

Carys Gittins


Geraldine O’Reilly


Harriet Mackenzie

Harriet Mackenzie


Ilona Domnich

Ilona Domnich


Jason Crouch

French Horn

Julian Fenton


Kamilla Arku


Laci Olah


Lisa Knapp

Celtic Fiddle

Matyas Gayer


Matyas Hofecker

Mátyás Hofecker

Double Bass

Michael Csányi-Wills


Milo Fox


Bass Guitar Lessons in Wandsworth, SW London

Nick Cohen

Bass Guitar

Nunz Del Vecchio

Nunz Del Vecchio


Quinn Oulton


Sahana Gero


Scipio Mosley


Sian Kelly

Vocalist & Guitar

Sophie Simpson


Tony Kofi


Trevor Watkis

Trevor Watkis


World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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