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Bass Guitar Lessons in Wandsworth, SW London

Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass is the heartbeat of all things. It’s the fuel that drives the musical engine and makes a band happen.

Ability Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Age 8yrs to 19yrs

Size Individual Joint

  • Fri:
  • 2pm - 7pm

Where WHB Academy, Kimber Road SW18

Cost £135 | £250 per 10 lesson term

  • Nick Cohen

Bass Guitar lessons in Wandsworth

Bass Guitar lessons at The World Heart Beat Music Academy in Wandsworth, are easily accessible for anyone living in South London. Find out where our venues are situated on our Location & Direction page.

Top quality teaching

We teach a wide range of musical instruments, across many different genres of music. Our teachers are top class musicians who teach online, in one-to-one or small group music lessons in a fun, welcoming, social environment.

All students are encouraged to strive for excellence, and this is evident in the outstanding music exam results, year after year.

Enjoy learning Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is a hugely influential and powerful instrument in any musical ensemble and often dictates the direction of the music. Powerful, yet tender, it controls the direction of a band. Whether taking care of the low end in an orchestra or at the centre of a big band the bass is akin to the accelerator in a car. Put your foot down or let it up, its effect is as important as fuel to an engine!

Every band needs a bass player – it brings an essential structure and rhythm that is vital to the other musicians, as well as being hugely appreciated by the audience. Contemporary bass guitar has evolved to become an instrument which encompasses a multitude of techniques and playing styles, across many genres of music. Your bass guitar studies at World Heart Beat Music Academy will include all of these styles and approaches to set you on your way to becoming a well-rounded and versatile bassist.

With performance being at the heart of our learning, we encourage our young bass guitar players to develop valuable playing skills. Students will be able to gain a great sense of freedom, and a better feel for their instrument by playing with others. With this in mind, we encourage all of our bass guitar players to attend our jazz classes and to join our 51st State Band, as well as the wonderful variety of World Heart Beat classical and contemporary ensembles.

Musicians you should listen to…

  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Victor Bailey
  • Francis "Rocco" Prestia
  • Nathaniel Phillips
  • Nathan East
  • Verdine White
  • Pino Palladino
  • Marcus Miller
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Robbie Shakespeare
  • James Jamerson

Get to know our tutors…

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