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Sian Kelly

Vocalist & Guitar

Sian showed an interest in music from an early age which was further developed when she attended Elliott School, Putney. Here she enjoyed the informal yet inspiring setting of the music department and learnt the guitar as well as becoming the Lead Singer for the Sixth Form Jazz Class.

Sian took first prize at a national music competition held at her school where she wowed the judges, including Glen Rowe, Conductor and Vocal Master Coach. Eight years later, Sian is still managed by Glen, who also introduced her to World Heart Beat Music Academy.

In 2012, Sian became the Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery Scholar. Herself and other scholars were given the incredible honour of being flown out to Italy to perform in the Palazzo Corsini in Florence and the Open Colonna in Rome.

Sian has taught vocals and guitar for five years at World Heart Beat and receives great enjoyment from teaching the sessions and workshops and leading the Friday contemporary gig training bands.

Sian has her own band called GLiMMER, a rock, alternative rock, blues, jazz influenced band plus has her own solo career. She is in the process of releasing her first EP and music video, and can’t wait to start touring, performing at festivals and recording her first solo album next year!


Greatest Musical Inspiration

Chris Cornell, Joni Mitchell, Incubus, Soundgarden and Norah Jones.


Best Musical Advice

Listen to as much music as you can. You need to create your own taste in music based on what you love to listen to as then it will filter through to your unique songwriting style. Practice tunes that you love on your instrument, and play the parts you find hardest twenty times a day. Some days you will feel like you haven’t achieved anything, and these are the days that you grow and improve most, believe it or not!


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