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Young students enjoy Cello Lessons in Wandsworth, SW London

Cello Lessons

The cello is extremely versatile, wrapping itself around a beautiful melody with such poetry that it shines at the centre of any ensemble, large or small.

Ability Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Age from 5yrs to 19yrs

Size Individual Joint

  • Fri:
  • 3.30pm - 7pm

Where WHB Academy, Kimber Road

Cost £135 | £230 per 10 lesson term

  • Nunz Csányi-Wills

Enjoy learning Cello

It’s hard to find an instrument other than the human voice that is so vocal and expressive of a melody. When played in its low range it is deep, robust and flexible, its mid range is warm and cavernous, and up high it soars like a songbird.

The Cello is the most wonderful solo instrument with its many different dimensions and its eloquence. In an accompanying role the support, warmth and clarity it offers is simply unparalleled.  

The percussive qualities of the instrument are cutting, edgy and rhythmically acute. Refined and classy in a popular music it can get low down and gritty too – especially in Celtic and Gypsy music. 

Cellists are in huge demand for ensembles of every type, across a multitude of musical genres. With performance being at the heart of our learning, our young Cellists will be guided through the music grade exams as needed. They will be encouraged to develop valuable playing skills, and gain greater fluency for their instrument, by playing with others. With this in mind, we encourage our Cellists to play in orchestra, and also to play in our Gypsy ensembles.

Musicians you should listen to…

  • Jacqueline du Pré
  • Pablo Casals
  • Mstislav Rostropovich
  • Matthew Barley
  • Natalie Klein
  • Yo Yo Ma
  • Mischa Maisky
  • Luka Sulic
  • Sheku Kanneh Mason

Get to know our tutors…

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