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Children enjoying Tabla Lessons in Wandsworth, SW London

Tabla Lessons

The tabla, originating from the Indian subcontinent, consists of a pair of drums, and is used in traditional, classical, popular and folk music.

Ability Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Age 5yrs - Adult

Size Individual Joint Group

  • Tues:
  • 4pm - 8.30pm

Where WHB Academy, Kimber Road SW18

Cost £100 | £135 | £250 per 10 lesson term

  • Alok Verma

Tabla lessons in Wandsworth

Tabla lessons at The World Heart Beat Music Academy in Wandsworth, are easily accessible for anyone living in South London. Find out where our venues are situated on our Location & Direction page.

Top quality teaching

We teach a wide range of musical instruments, across many different genres of music. Our teachers are top class musicians who teach online, in one-to-one or small group music lessons in a fun, welcoming, social environment.

All students are encouraged to strive for excellence, and this is evident in the outstanding music exam results, year after year.

Enjoy learning Tabla

The Tabla has multiple dimensions. It sounds like a drum that can play melodies, and has a movable bass tone. It is unusual as it is ‘tuneful’, but remains very much a drum. Words can’t do it justice – you have to hear it to believe it!

Tabla players play with an incredible facility that uses the fingers on the hands in a variety of ways. The kind of accompaniment they provide can be both elaborate and simple, but it is always elegant. The Tabla repertoire is handed down orally from generation to generation.

Some unforgettable Tabla players are Ameer Husain Khan, Thirukva Khan, Habibuddin Khan, Ram Sahay, Abid Husain Khan, Anokhelal, Lateef Ahmed and Gudai Maharaj, along with the living legends like Alia Rakha Khan, Kishan Maharaj and Sharda Sahay.

Among the younger generation Zakir Hussain, Sapan Chaudhari, Anindo Chatterjee, Kumar Bose, Shafaat Ahmed, Bikram Ghosh and several others are the prominent tabla players that India has produced.

Musicians you should listen to…

  • Alia Rakha Khan
  • Kishan Maharaj
  • Sharda Sahay
  • Ram Sahay
  • Abid Husain Khan
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Sapan Chaudhari
  • Anindo Chatterjee
  • Kumar Bose
  • Shafaat Ahmed
  • Bikram Ghosh

Get to know our tutors…

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