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Two of our Mentoring Futures mentees

Mentoring Futures

World Heart Beat run a highly successful music mentoring programme, open to all our students and young participants aged from 10-25, which has become a core part of our offer.  

Ava Joseph talks about her experience being mentored by World Heart Beat

Why we mentor 

The programme, which is funded by the GLA’s New Deal for Young People, enables World Heart Beat to take a holistic approach to supporting young people’s social, emotional and personal development, as well as inspiring confidence in musicians, giving them the skills and knowledge to enter the music and creative industries, or go on to work or study in another field. 

Some of the changes I noticed in one of the young women I am mentoring is that… her confidence has gone sky high. She is so open to learning new things. She is so open to accepting criticism and then changing. Before she was thinking ‘oh no, this is bad, oh no’ kind of thing. From where she was to where she is: two different things. It’s crazy how much a person can change in such a small time. 

World Heart Beat works with children and young people to remove barriers to access music tuition, industry training and further education and increase diversity within the music industry. Many of our students experience deep-rooted, often intersecting structural inequalities, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Mentoring provides essential support and encourages all our students, regardless of their background, to reach their highest potential. 

Could you mentor a young person?  

Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and support our young people in a variety of different ways. They offer advice and guidance in both one-to-one and group sessions and build young people’s confidence by encouraging them to do their best in everything that they do. They create a safe and welcoming environment, ensuring everyone feels able to thrive. 

We work with young people through music lessons, group workshops and creative projects and one-to-one sessions.  

We are looking for musicians and creatives who could support young people’s career development and those from other backgrounds interested in making a difference in young people’s lives to become volunteer mentors. We provide full training and support and can cover travel and food expenses. 

For more information contact

Would you like to be mentored? 

Whether you are looking to enter the music or creative industries or would like to build your confidence and feel empowered about your future, having a mentor can be a huge support.   

Mentoring helped me by showing me that there are more career paths out there in the music industry than, say, the average person would know.

If you are a current student, speak to your teachers. If not, click the button below and complete our mentee registration form:

Register to be mentored  

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