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State-of-the-art studios for hire

World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens’ new state-of-the-art facilities, designed by Munro Acoustics, offer a unique opportunity for your recording project.
Our space is also ideal for filming.

There are excellent transport links to this vibrant area of London. Situated adjacent to the US Embassy in Nine Elms, the studio is just moments from Nine Elms tube (Northern Line) and a short walk from Vauxhall station (Victoria Line).


The Live Room boasts a 9ft Steinway Model D concert grand piano and past clients have compared the space favourably to that of Abbey Road, Studio 2. 

The Control Room has an SSL ORIGIN console as its centrepiece. With its modern feature-set, it bridges the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow. 

There are two booths, with an acoustically sealed divide that can be opened to create one larger booth. 

Large windows facilitate excellent sightlines between all three spaces. 

  • Live Room / Auditorium – 102m2
  • Sound booths – 16.5m2
  • Control room – 21.5m2

We can record in analogue or digital. There are 48 analogue tie lines going directly into the control room, making our studio the perfect space to record anything from a solo vocalist to a jazz trio or classical orchestra.  

World Heart Beat secures its place at the top of my list for studios to work and record in.

Adam F, artist & producer

We have a ProTools HDX rig with all the standard plug-ins you would expect to see in a high level studio to include WAVES full suite, FabFilter Pro Bundle, Izotype RX + Ozone and Sound Toys 5. We have a fully-specced Mac Studio and an SSL ORIGIN console at the heart of our set-up, and Dynaudio C3 studio loudspeakers. 

Furthermore, by utilising Focusrite digital Pre-amps over Rednet, we are able to expand our inputs up to 96. With every room in the building fitted with ethernet and fibre, this means each individual space can effectively become an additional booth, giving you yet more options for the ultimate audio capture. 

A jewel in the crown for British recording studios . A magnificent live hall giving performing artists and musicians a sensational environment and multifaceted temple of sound and vision. A unique experience for audience and performers.

Chris Kimsey, producer of The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, Duran Duran (and many more!),


The venue boasts a 9ft Steinway Model D concert grand piano, which is meticulously maintained by Steinway’s own specialist team. 

The studio has various amplifiers (tube and solid state) and keyboards including Juno DX, Jupiter-8, JX3P, and an Arturia KEYLAB88 mkii keyboard controller. 
We also have a selection of Fender signature guitars, TAMA and Natal drum kits, various snare drums and Sabian cymbals. 
We have all the standard microphones, as well as specialist ones, such as Neumann TLM49 AKG 414 XLII, Matched Pair Coles 4038, Ribbon Microphones Matched Pair Sennheiser 421 and 441 Electrovoice RE20. 

A full list of tech can be downloaded by clicking here.

Recording studio and mixing desk shot, with window into performance space


In our first year of operation we’ve been fortunate to have so many great artists record with us, including Adam F, Julian Joseph, Kirsty Hawkshaw, John Metcalfe, Branford Marsalis, and the BBC Strings.

The live room doubles as a performance venue with one of just a few permanently installed d&b SoundScape systems in the UK.  

We are also fully equipped for live streaming with up to five 4K Sony cameras, the building has fibre optic and is broadcast-ready 

We have a small team of engineers available to help bring your vision to life. Our friendly and experienced studio team will happily take the time to discuss your project and your individual needs, assuring that you get the result you want, at a price that works.  

There is a café on site (daytime hours) should you need refreshments and several nearby shops, cafés and bars on our doorstep at other times. 

Empty concert hall, viewed from low down to the ground.


World Heart Beat is a registered charity. Hiring the studios is an ethical choice, supporting disadvantaged young musicians to learn music and develop their careers in the music industry.


For more information please email:

World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens, 3 Ponton Road, London SW11 7BD 

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World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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