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EMERGE Programme

Developing careers in music and the arts

World Heart Beat presents EMERGE, a new industry training and talent development programme aimed at supporting young people looking to start a career in the music industry. The FREE 8-week training programme is open to 16-25 year olds living, working or studying in south London.

Career Training and Experience

EMERGE offers the opportunity to develop a sustainable career in the music industry, by offering training in production, working as an independent artist and producer, building community, and gaining insights into UK music roles, along with paid work experience, mentoring and apprenticeships.

Four key themes:

  1. YOUR VOICE, YOUR COMMUNITY: This strand explores how communities are nurtured and shaped by musicians and creators. From the way artists and collectives build their communities using their gigs and social media, to the running of larger campaigns and initiatives. It will feature creative leaders sharing their stories about how and why they created their community; the gaps it filled; and the difference it’s made.
  2. PRODUCTION: Making and producing quality music without expensive software and equipment. This hands-on strand will cover everything from track breakdowns, to studio visits, to sessions demonstrating specific techniques and showcasing artists pushing the boundaries in mixing, mastering, beat-making and engineering.
  3. IN MY SHOES: An in-depth look at the UK music scene as well as the opportunities and roles that exist within it. In My Shoes features honest and inspirational advice from music professionals at different stages of their careers.
  4. GOING SOLO: This strand examines what it takes to be an independent creator from the perspective of music artists and those who support them. In today’s music industry, we want to highlight those who operate independently and spark conversations about the workload, lifestyle and experiences of an independent creative.

New programme in 2023

Following the success of our first 8-week training programme, World Heart Beat are delighted to announce a second training programme starting in early 2023.

Get involved…

To book your place, ask a question or discuss your particular requirements, contact us by email at or call 020 8870 3042.

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