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Ayo Vincent


Ayo Vincent is a Jazz pianist from South West London who’s played at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, Kings Place and the 606 Club.

Influenced strongly by Jazz masters such as Herbie Hancock and Wynton Kelly he can also be found playing many other different styles of music from Soul and Pop to collaborating with Indian classical musicians.

From a young age Ayo was introduced to the world of music by learning to play the saxophone and piano. Ayo formed a more serious commitment to music during his last years of school where his passion for playing the piano was ignited.

He was fortunate to meet Julian Joseph who helped guide him through his learning and continues to support him. He attends the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy as a student and supporting tutor.

Ayo went on to study Jazz performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and graduated in 2017. Since his return to London he performs at many different venues and has played for recording sessions and masterclasses, collaborated with visiting Japanese and Brazilian artists and co-hosts a regular jam session.

At World Heart Beat Music Academy Ayo teaches Jazz and Pop classes and leads a New Orleans marching band that perform regularly over the summer months.

Greatest Musical Inspiration

Julian Joseph.

Best Musical Advice

Consistency is key. Even if you haven’t got a lot of time to work on your music, finding a short amount of time everyday can be very productive and beneficial.

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