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Children enjoying Celtic Fiddle Lessons in Wandsworth, SW London

Celtic Fiddle Lessons

Celtic Fiddle is a musical tradition in Scotland and Ireland that brings the violin alive to share great times and celebrations, with music and dance for the whole community.

Ability Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Age 5yrs to 19yrs

Size Group

  • Weds:
  • 3.45pm - 7.15pm

Where WHB Academy, Kimber Road SW18

Cost £80 per 10 lesson term

  • Ben Gunnery

Celtic Fiddle lessons in Wandsworth

Celtic Fiddle lessons at The World Heart Beat Music Academy in Wandsworth, are easily accessible for anyone living in South London. Find out where our venues are situated on our Location & Direction page.

Top quality teaching

We teach a wide range of musical instruments, across many different genres of music. Our teachers are top class musicians who teach online, in one-to-one or small group music lessons in a fun, welcoming, social environment.

All students are encouraged to strive for excellence, and this is evident in the outstanding music exam results, year after year.

Enjoy learning Celtic Fiddle

The fiddle tradition was born among rural populations in Ireland. Helped by the violin’s low-cost, easy maintenance, and musical accessibility, it is a tradition that has thrived across many generations.

Although the violin and fiddle are essentially the same instrument, Celtic musicians prefer the colloquial word ‘fiddle’ to differentiate their music and style of playing from other traditionally recognised violin music.

The sound is joyful and infectious, and at World Heart Beat we love our Celtic fiddle classes – they are very popular across all ages.

Outside of traditional Irish dance music, the fiddle can be heard in New England’s country dance, western swing and upbeat bluegrass music in the Southern State of the USA.

Musicians you should listen to…

  • Duncan Chisholm
  • Adam Sutherland
  • Liz Carrol
  • Tom Anderson
  • Aly Bain
  • Willie Hunter
  • Siobhan Peoples
  • MIchael Coleman
  • Martin Hayes
  • The London Lasses
  • Julia Clifford
  • Michelle O'Brien
  • Tommy Peoples
  • Yvonne Casey
  • Zoe Conway
  • Mairead Ní Mhaonaigh (Altan)
  • Johnny Doherty
  • Capercaillie
  • Eileen Ivors
  • Winifred Horan

Get to know our tutors…

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