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Arnaldo Cogorno


Arnaldo Cogorno is a 19-year-old classical piano student from Venezuela. He currently resides in London, where he studies with Michael Csányi-Wills at World Heartbeat Music Academy. He also studies with Hilary Coates, acknowledged member of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music.

He arrived in London in June 2018 and has since attended World Heart Beat Music Academy as both a student and a volunteer. He also tutors younger piano students, accompanies instrumentalists and helps with the progress of the academy’s orchestra.

His musical education started in his hometown Margarita, Venezuela, where he received lessons on piano, cuatro, music theory and harmony. Following this, he attended lessons once a month in Caracas with Olga López and Goulnara Galimchina, both acknowledged pianists and Venezuelan pedagogues.

Arnaldo has participated in many events in Caracas including piano recitals, soloist and orchestra concerts. Moreover, he has also done two recitals at World Heart Beat Academy and auditioned at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music winning a partial scholarship for the term 2020/2021.

At World Heart Beat Music Academy he attends jazz lessons and learns the principles of jazz.

Greatest Musical Inspiration

Ludwig van Beethoven and Michael Csányi-Wills.

Best Musical Advice

Read about the musicians you like the most and listen to lots of different sorts of music. Try to enrich yourself with whatever knowledge source is there for you. Combine everything you listen to, and everything you’ve read, to create your own sound. That’s what art and music is all about!

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