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Achates Philanthropy Award

Achates Philanthropy Prize 2018



World Heart Beat were shortlisted for the Achates Philanthropy Prize 2018! 

Now in its third year, nominations for the Achates Philanthropy Prize opened in June. There is a £10,000 prize fund, shared between the Individual Philanthropy Award and the Corporate Award, while the winners become custodians of a sculpture by British artist Peter Brooke-Ball MRBS for one year.

Each individual and company on the shortlist was nominated by a cultural organisation to express appreciation for their outstanding contribution within the last 12 months, which ranges from financial support, to experience and skill sharing, network growth and positive advocacy.

Caroline McCormick, Achates Philanthropy Prize Founder, said:

“In the Corporate Award category, we have seen a large number of arts organisations focusing on capital projects this year, which has highlighted the important role property developers are now playing in driving cultural development across the UK.  What emerges is not just a story about buildings and financial investment, but also strategic thinking and real collaboration between property developers, arts organisations and the wider community.”

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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