The 51st State Band live in concert 2018!




Representing the spirit of World Heart Beat, our showcase concert is a thrilling and uplifting experience, expressing the variety, energy and dedication of our students. Young musicians of all ages, backgrounds and abilities learn together and play in a band where every member is a vital part of a complete whole. With a vibrant programme ranging from jazz standards and film scores, to the greats of Stevie Wonder and George Gershwin, we captured imaginations to provide a sensational and inspirational evening of music.

For the first time one of our students was the presenter for the evening! Sian Kelly is an indelible and joyful part of the Heart Beat family-developing from a talented teenager, into a productive singer-songwriter and performer. She did a wonderful job and the audience enjoyed it very much!

We were delighted to welcome Byron Wallen as our guest musician. Byron Wallen is ‘one of the most innovative, exciting and original trumpet players alive’ (Jazzwise magazine).Widely recognised as a seminal figure in world jazz, he is constantly travelling the globe-recording, teaching and performing.

Julian Joseph, our patron and valued supporter, presented some Jack Petchey Awards to the musicians, which were received with joy. Each award comes with £250 that is spent for World Heart Beat. We are always grateful for the Jack Petchey Foundation.



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