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La Verdad – Collaboration with Colombia

World Make Music Day 2021!

World Heart Beat Music Academy has collaborated with Colombian music group, Mr. Klaje to produce a virtual performance of La Verdad (The Truth) bringing young musicians, many of whom live in challenging circumstances, together across the globe.

The project is part of Make Music Day, the world’s largest, annual music event, which takes place on Monday 21 June 2021

Watch the performance here – Monday 21 June – 9pm UK time

More about the project:

Mr. Klaje, based in Cali, Colombia is a group of musicians and educators which provide musical-educational projects to young people immersed in violent contexts. 

La Verdad is the product of a collaborative research project “¿Cuál es la verdad?” between academics, artists and educators in El Choco, Colombia working with underserved young people. Many of these young people are Afro-descendants and from indigenous populations…they have been forcibly displaced through violence and armed conflict to find alternative futures through arts and music collaborations.  

The original version of La Verdad was produced by Mr. Klaje in Spanish and has been extended to include an interwoven English version from World Heart Beat musicians.

For more information, please click below to visit the project:

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