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Music entrepreneurship programme for young people

Domino Recording Co. mentoring with World Heart Beat

World Heart Beat is partnering with the Domino Recording Label (Domino) to offer an exciting mentoring opportunity through its Music Entrepreneurship Programme for young people aged 16-25 seeking their next steps in this sector of the creative industries. Donimo is a local record label known for its iconic signed bands such as The Kills, Artic Monkeys and Hot Chip.

Calling 16-25 year olds…

Starting on Wed 9th June, Domino will hold presentations and Q&A sessions covering the key areas and departments involved in releasing music, including:

  • A&R (artists and Repertoire)
  • Product Management
  • Promo, Marketing
  • Digital
  • Publishing and Sync.

The full list can be found here. After the initial group sessions, 1 on 1 sessions will also be available with the Domino mentors leading each session.

Programme Details

When:Starts: Wednesday 9th June, then weekly for 6 weeks
Where:Online — weekly for 6 weeks

Gain a unique insight into the industry

Mentees will gain a unique insight into the rapidly evolving world of the record industry and gain knowledge and ‘the how to’ of music entrepreneurship as well as other opportunities to find out more about the business.? 

World Heart Beat are seeking applicants who can demonstrate their commitment to a career in the creative industries, with a particular interest in music entrepreneurship. This opportunity could work for those looking for full-time careers in this sector, or artists looking to develop their skills and knowledge in this area independently as part of a creative portfolio career.

How To Apply

Through an open application process, applicants will need to demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for music and the industry, how this opportunity will help them develop in their creative careers and may have faced barriers to accessing creative career opportunities due to race, disability, socio-economic class and any other relevant barrier.

If you’re interested in taking part in the programme, hit the button below and send us an email outlining why you’re interested.

Do it now, only a limited number of spaces are available!

We’ve been aware of the incredible work of Sahana Gero and the team at World Heart Beat for a while now and we’re really excited to build on our relationship with them and partner on this initiative to engage with younger people within our local community and share our knowledge with them.

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World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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