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The tiny music school that captured Hollywood’s heart

When Sahana Gero launched a music school for inner-city children in 2012 she hoped to open new and exciting doors for her students.

What she didn’t count on was that one of those doors would be to the heart of Hollywood’s elite music industry.

Now just two years later some of her 260 pupils have been picked to train with Michael Jackson’s vocal coach, others have sung with British chart topper Emeli Sande and a lucky few have even attended Grammy Camp to write music with some of the leading musicians in America.

Not bad considering that before they joined the school most of her students couldn’t play an instrument or afford to pay for lessons.

“Some of our students would be wandering the streets if it wasn’t for this place,” says Sahana.

“We have some children whose families have drug problems or who have had to pretty much raise themselves because their parents aren’t around. We are giving them other options.”

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