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Wandsworth Guardian: Recognition!

Wandsworth academy working hard to highlight the importance of music education A music academy in Wandsworth is building strong links with local schools whilst its performers are set to appear at the borough’s fringe festival. World Heart Beat is a music charity teaching kids skills through music education to lift their aspirations getting a chance […]

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Beautiful Article

DonateToday sat down with World Heart Beat Music Academy founder, Sahana Gero, to talk about the work that the academy has done and how it is impacting the children in the Wandsworth community. Click here to support the academy’s work >>> […]

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Interview with the Wandsworth Guardian

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Music ,culture, Wandsworth ,academy , charity Entrance to world heartbeat academy, Wandsworth       Music teacher  Sahana Gero founded the world heartbeat music academy in Wandsworth with the hope that it would “bring the myriad of the world’s cultures together through music, by providing an environment in which people can create and share the music […]

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World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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