World Heart Beat

Make Music Day – 21 June

The annual event takes place across more than 125 countries, celebrating connecting young people and their passion for music

As part of World Heart Beat’s celebration for Make Music Day this year, primary school students on our after-school programme, First Beats, made junk instruments and practiced composing songs and beats in our new music space, World Heart beat Embassy Gardens, in Nine Elms, London.

Our First Beats music programme is designed to give children their first taste of music education, allowing them to try a variety of instruments and learn about music and music production in a joyful and supportive environment.

Each week we collect pupils from their school at the end of the day and bring them to World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens, where they are given the opportunity to try different instruments including guitar, piano, singing, brass and strings. They also have chance to spend time in our recording studios and learn how music is written and produced.

This project has kindly been supported by wagamama’s Bowl to Soul Fund.

This project has kindly been supported by wagamama’s Bowl to Soul Fund.

wagamama has generously supported the participation of Griffin Primary School in the First Beats music programme for one year, and we are also working with Herbert Morrison Primary School, which is nearby. We hope that other companies and individuals will want to support our First Beats programme, so we can extend and sustain our work as a charity in this area. 

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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