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Joe Macari Performance Scholarships


On October 23rd, against the backdrop of Joe Macari’s amazing array of cars, The students of the World Heart Beat Music Academy performed a feast of smooth jazz numbers.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Joe for his support of the academy and for enabling us to set up a scholarship performance programme at World Heart Beat, contributing enormously to give more young people the chance of a musical education they would not otherwise have had.

Joe Macari has been racing, selling and servicing Ferrari and Maserati cars for over 15 years and now owns one of the largest Classic Ferrari Restoration Businesses with an emphasis on performance and quality. He has kindly partnered with us to offer five new students access to a high quality, comprehensive music education here at World Heart Beat Music Academy. These students will have the opportunity to learn instruments of their choice from our amazing teachers, as well as being given access to all of our amazing live performance opportunities.

Arturs Maskalans (Violin, Celtic Fiddle and Piano)
Carla Flores (Violin and Composition)
Nathan Dawkins (Jazz, Saxophone and Vocal)
Demont Edmondson (Jazz, Clarinet and Bass) »

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