Allergan International Foundation

Recently, we received a grant from the Allergan International foundation to build a state of the art recording studio at World Heart Beat Music Academy. This will enable young people to record their own original music, linking in with our Composition classes and Songwriting Masterclasses. World Heart Beat students will also be able to present their own work on World Heart Beat Hour, our weekly radio show on Wandsworth Radio Station.

Our aim is to give our students a holistic view of the music industry, from creation of beautiful music to its presentation to audiences via marketing and on-stage performances. We are hugely grateful to Allergan International for helping us to accomplish this.

The AIF is active in four philanthropic areas: the arts, civic programmes, education and health and human services, in which it promotes access and improvements to quality health care, diagnosis and treatment, education, research, quality of life and disease awareness.

AIF grants are awarded to charitable organisations with high-quality programmes and services, well-defined goals, a commitment to maximising available resources, and a reputation for meeting objectives and reporting measured results. The objectives and programmes of any requesting organisation must be clearly defined and the program objectives must be achievement.

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