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The Partnership Between World Heart Beat, Gucci Timepieces and The Grammies


This partnership supports 10 young musicians from the World Heart Beat Music Academy of which 2 are selected by the Recording Academy LA (the grammies) to fly out to the USA to attend the prestigious Grammy Camp on a full scholarship.

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I am thrilled that Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery is bringing new opportunities to more young musicians by extending the reach of its Music Fund. The UK has such a rich musical culture that it will be exciting to see the fruits of this new venture and to welcome students from London to our GRAMMY® Camp.”
– Neil Portnow, Director of The Recording Academy®

It’s brilliant that Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery have chosen to support the World Heart Beat Music Academy. We believe that music is the heartbeat of humanity and has the power to transform the lives of young people. With hope, belief and investment, greatness can be achieved.”
– Sahana Gero, Founder and Artistic Director at The World Heart Beat Music Academy

Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery has a longstanding commitment to the arts, and to music in particular. Creating the UK Music Fund is perfectly in line with the brand’s core values. Company CEO Michele Sofisti explains: “In addition to supporting works of cinema, Gucci Timepieces’ values and that of the House of Gucci are deeply linked to music. Music is essential to our collective culture, as it not only connects people, but it shapes and influences other trends, including fashion and design. Establishing the UK Music Fund and supporting the vibrant World Heart Beat Music Academy shows our commitment to supporting a new generation of music-makers and to helping the arts thrive.”

Thanks to Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery’s partnership with The Recording Academy® (organizers of the GRAMMY® Awards), children from the World Heart Beat Music Academy will also have the chance to attend GRAMMY® Camp in Los Angeles, facilitated through the Fund.



“Grammy Camp was the best thing I have done in all my existence and I will be forever grateful to you for giving me this opportunity.”
– Jordan Hadfield, aged 16

By extending the reach of its Music Fund, Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery can enrich its musical alliances with its partners in the world of music and the arts. In particular, Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery long-running relationship with The Recording Academy®, has a relevant part to play in the new project, as they are renowned for supporting music of the past and also are serious about supporting the music for the future.

YA133511_LRTo support the Music Fund programs, Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery has launched a special new-edition Gucci Interlocking timepiece in stainless steel, with a bracelet strap and black dial. Available in a small 29mm size, the watch bears the iconic interlocking ‘GG’ motif around the bezel, representing the initials of Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci. Interlocking is characterised by its bold, simple style: the dial takes centre stage and has a striking circular-grained surface which recalls the grooves on a vinyl record. The engraving, ‘Gucci Music Fund’, can be seen on the back.

Speech from Sahana Gero

Thank you Neil for your kind words and for this fascinating glimpse of what goes on at Grammy camp.

And thank you to Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery for investing in music at this grassroots level and creating this incredible springboard for these 10 young musicians.

The UK Music Fund they are sponsoring in partnership with the The Recording Academy is an amazing opportunity for our young musicians to travel to the US and have the chance to learn with the finest music professionals in the industry. What a life transforming experience for them.

All of us at the World Heart Beat Music Academy are so grateful to both of you for enabling this.

We are also thrilled to be here with Emile Sande and Jo Wiley. Emile Sande has captured the hearts of all of us and her songs speak so powerfully. Later in the programme, we will be performing one of her songs – Hope. The title and lyrics sum up what is happening today.

“I hope that we still have a dream.
I’m hoping that change isn’t hopeless
I’m hoping to start it with me.”

In the film that was just presented, I was so moved by the hunger of the young people to have access to music. Indeed the need for children to learn music was the inspiration behind the World Heart Beat Music Academy that I set up last May in a disused industrial warehouse in London.

I had met so many children who were dying to learn instruments but who didn’t have the chance or the financial means to do so. I wanted to give high quality musical training to children of all cultural backgrounds and particularly to those who had missed out.

  • In less than a year, we now have 200 children regularly attending the academy.
  • Over 120 of them have already taken musical grades
  • And 45 of these are now grade 5 or above.

So these 10 scholars are just the tip of the iceberg.

Learning to play music delivers much more than just music. The dedication these children bring to the task of learning to play is something very special and almost magical. It transforms them as individuals. Music fills a hole in their lives in a way that few other things can.

If children and young people have a focus and a love for music, it generates passion and a desire to do well across the board. Everything else that is good suddenly becomes possible.

This programme shows that if you give children hope, if they can believe in themselves, then greatness can be achieved.

Thank you all for your investment so far and for the future investments you and your networks will make in these children and their lives.

– Sahana Gero

I was truly impressed by the great job that was done in this project. What an amazing buzz that was created. Superb! Best for all and again thanks for connecting so strongly with this initiative.
Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery

Thanks the joy vibrations of the students are felt here in Switzerland!!!!
Katia Cicconetti
Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery


World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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