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The World Heart Beat Development Board

We are looking to bring together a Development Board to advise, steer and launch a capital campaign to fund a purpose built, permanent home for the World Heart Beat Music Academy – an inspirational space in which young people have the freedom to explore music whilst being nurtured and supported by top musicians, teachers and industry professionals.

The World Heart Beat Music Academy Exists to promote music as a universal form of communication and to transform the lives of Young people in our community

Our vision is to inspire children who have the passion but not the means, to learn a musical instrument

The young people participating in our programme currently rehearse, perform and take lessons in the abandoned top floor of an industrial building in Wandsworth.

What we all share is a raw passion for music

For many young people the academy is a constant in their otherwise turbulent lives for others, it is transformational.

To date, 230 students have joined us and as this figure is set to increase we are quickly outgrowing our current facilities.

We urgently need a new space in order to reach out to more children

A purpose built, permanent home will provide an inspirational space in which children will have the freedom to explore music, whilst being nurtured and supported by Top musicians, teachers and industry professionals

Our programmes map the cultural diversity of the community, not only does our teaching include the traditional classical style, we embrace Jazz, Reggae, Celtic and Asian music.

Our creative environment provides a shelter for young people particularly those who maybe hard to reach or isolated

They develop a sense of belonging and a way out of the cycle of boredom that so often lead to crime

In order to open the doors to this new home we are establishing a development board to launch and lead a multi million pound capital campaign

We are seeking senior volunteers who have the willingness creative energy, contacts and influence who are looking to take on a project for 18 months to help us find a new building and permanent home.

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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