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There are lots of people who have said some very nice things about us. Here are a few of our favourites…

World Heart Beat is a place of excellence and joy that embraces a myriad of musical cultures. Classical, Folk, Jazz and Indian classical music are all taught with a warmth and seriousness that embodies joy and respect at its very core. Your students love to learn and benefit from programming and teaching of the highest quality and care. World Heart Beat thrives in the positivity it radiates and is a place where students and teachers alike wish to be. I consider it a great privilege and honour to be so closely connected to such a magnificently creative and encouraging musical environment.

I am delighted to welcome World Heart Beat to Nine Elms, the second cultural anchor to be announced. Art and culture is at the heart of our vision for Nine Elms and World Heart Beat is well known for championing music education of all kinds to young people in the borough.

Learning to make music isn’t just about learning notes. It’s about commitment, sensitivity, understanding, mutual support and a love for what you are doing. World Heart Beat epitomise the dedication and passion that is necessary to convey those qualities to all their young musicians. Students and teachers alike delight in the pleasure of music making and you leave feeling that you have participated in something life affirming and unique. WHB is not just important to the musical life of London, it’s essential.

Thank you and your amazing artists for performing last night at our birthday party. It really added an extra dimension to our celebrations being entertained by your students and made it much more special for us. Everyone was overwhelmed by the talent of all the performers. I spent a lot of the night convincing people that the musicians were students and not already full-time professionals!

Thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm in teaching and offering opportunities to young musicians. It's lovely to see how our son has improved in playing, as well as in confidence!

My daughter has totally loved being under your influence and has a renewed enjoyment of her flute because of your positive input. You are challenging her and believing in her which has made a huge difference in how she sees herself. Thank you.

I am so happy that the timing and circumstances of World Heart Beat launching just when I was retiring have meant that I could find a niche with you, helping you to deliver such wonderful benefits to young people, and hopefully to take World Heart Beat forward as a business.

Seeing my daughter being part of such a rewarding adventure and worthwhile enterprise was truly heart-warming; seeing how the band developed so quickly from painful practice to polished performance was quite amazing, and a real testament of your skills.

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful evening last night with so many talented young people clearly having a great time! It was really an uplifting experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

What a fun, impressive and moving evening you put on last Friday. We loved it and appreciate the hard work you have put in. Well done, and thank you!

Although race and gender modelling is not an aim of World Heart Beat Academy my son has blossomed from hearing, experiencing and participating in sessions led by outstanding Black male jazz musicians. Having only listened to grime, hip hop and R n' B in the past this exposure cannot be underestimated. Furthermore, the diversity and quality of the entire student and teacher population is absolutely wonderful!

My son was diagnosed with autism and was a very withdrawn boy with low self-confidence. Due to music and your support he now enjoys playing so much. It has given him confidence to be able to make friends. You are doing fantastic work with the children and I really appreciate it.

Your support and encouragement over the years to my son have made such a huge difference to his life - thank you!

Thank you for inviting me to be involved in Reggae School. You are bringing so much inspiration and unbelievably great vibes to all young people everywhere. Life is all about having a passion. It’s what you put in and what you take out that’s important, but when everything is taken out then it is all about the vibe and that is the most important thing in life.

Wow, what a turnout we had for the first Happy Streets! With the dust now settled and having caught up on lost sleep, I want to personally thank you for participating in the most incredible day. The response from the community was amazing and the feedback from attendees at times tear-jerking, with one 9 year old saying "It was the best day of my life". You were all a total pleasure to have here, both personally and professionally, and it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly patient and kind you all are come event day, even when things are in full swing!

Thank you so much for all your brilliant activity at Happy Streets. It’s great to know that it worked well for you and your musicians, and clearly you brought a lot of musical joy to many residents and visitors!

A lively and joyous performance. The youngsters played a range of popular music with skill and enjoyment. The guest musicians were world class and the audience were animated throughout. A really great evening and a very worthwhile charity.

Wow! Every year I think that it can’t get better but yet again it does just that. The concentration the band displayed was first hand evidence of how music puts the brain into a higher functioning level. The professional musicians were an inspiration to those youngsters. They will remember and be inspired by that concert for the rest of their lives.

We feel it’s important to support the community and engage in local initiatives. We can see what a great outfit this place is and how inspiring it is for young musicians. We feel so very proud to be involved. We will continue our support and look forward to coming to your next concert.

We are very proud to be supporting the World Heart Beat Academy this year and are very grateful to have had the opportunity to share your students’ talent with our team tonight. Thank you for setting up a wonderful performance.

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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