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‘Recording and Mixing’ Masterclass

In January, we enjoyed hosting the iFi Studio and Solid State Logic hugely successful ‘recording and mixing with headphones’ masterclass with legendary producers Stuart Bruce and Gary Langan, at our World Heart Beat Recording Studios.

Around 60 invited guests, comprising established and newly emerging engineers and producers, plus music technology students, attended the afternoon event. Gary Langan (Art of Noise, Queen, ABC) and Stuart Bruce (Band Aid, Stevie Wonder, Madeleine Peyroux), recorded and mixed our very own World Heart Beat jazz trio in the SSL equipped studio.

Control room monitoring was undertaken using the flagship iFi Studio headphone amplifier, the Pro iCAN Studio, and the latest Audeze headphones, the MM-100. The audience, who were assembled in the live room, listened to the trio during the recording, with Stuart Bruce providing explanations about two different microphone techniques being employed across two takes. The audience then monitored the results during playback using headphones connected to the iFi Studio ZEN CAN high-quality headphone amplifiers.

“We were delighted to team up with SSL and World Heart Beat Recording Studios to present this masterclass. Stuart and Gary did a fantastic job of engaging with our audience to explain what they were doing with the different mic techniques, and the resultant playback through our headphone amps really helped reinforce the differences and how they can be used in a creative environment.”

Miles Roberts, iFi Studio’s global head of sales

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