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Music Lessons

Please note: The majority of our classes are for children and young people aged 5-16, however we do have our Music Bambinos class for babies and toddlers, and special courses for adults. 

Click the links below to find out more about any of our classes. If you would like to try one of our classes, please fill in this form »

Group classes

 Jazz | Vocal | Music Bambinos

Tabla | Keyboard | Classical Violin |Orchestra| Gypsy Music Band

Celtic Fiddle

51st State Band |Jazz RootsClassical Violin

Guitar | Bass Guitar |Keyboard| Drums

Classical Violin |GuitarGypsy Violin

Individual lessons

Clarinet: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Flute: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
French Horn: Thursday
Piano: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Saxophone: Thursday, Monday
Trombone: Thursday
Trumpet: Thursday
Violin: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Vocal: Monday

Courses for Adults

Tuesday: Tabla
Friday: Viola Caipira (Brazilian Guitar)


Please note: some courses may have different pricing.

Group trial lesson: £8
Individual trial lesson: £20
Group classes: £75-£90 per term
Joint lessons: £110 per term
Individual lessons (half hour): £190 per term

All classes are subject to availability. Register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a trial session.

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World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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