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We teach a huge range of instruments that can be learnt individually, as part of a joint lesson or in a group and we cater for all ages and abilities from 5 to 19 years.

We also have opportunities to play in an American style 51st State concert band, Symphony orchestra, contemporary gig bands, folk bands or ensembles. World Heart Beat Music Academy is fully inclusive and students are invited to take part in all our ensembles, even if they learn an instrument elsewhere.

We also offer GCSE Music, Grade 5 Theory and a Bambino music class (0 to 4 years) to awaken a love for music and the arts from an early age!

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Jazz Sessions | Saxophone |
Trombone | Trumpet | Vocal | Clarinet | Flute


Tabla | Orchestra | Classical Violin | Vocal | Clarinet | Flute | Guitar | *Piano


Classical Violin | Gypsy Violin | Celtic Fiddle | Flute | Guitar | *Piano


51st State Band | Jazz Roots | French Horn | Trumpet | Trombone | Saxophone | Drums | Classical Violin


Contemporary Band Practice | Drums | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Cello | Clarinet | Flute


Double Bass | Jazz Upright Bass | Guitar | Violin | GCSE Music | Film & Music Composition | *Piano | *Jazz Piano


Drums | *Piano | *Jazz Piano

PRICES Group Classes from £75 per term
  Joint Lessons from £130 per term
  Individual Lessons from £230 per term

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Please note: some courses may have different pricing. All classes are subject to availability. Register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a trial session.

*Piano is the only instrument played individually, not joint or in a group.

10 lessons per term. Class lessons approx. 30 mins long. Ensembles approx. 1 – 2 hours long.

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