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About Us

We are World Heart Beat…

World Heart Beat Music Academy in SW London, is a joyful, welcoming and innovative place, where young people, aged 5-25, are brought together with world-class musicians to share their love of music.

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • A powerful commitment to musical excellence.
  • A warm embrace of people, cultures and world music.
  • A non-exclusive, non-elitist philosophy, with no financial barriers.

The charity, founded in 2009 by Sahana Gero MBE, promotes music as a universal form of communication – one that quite simply transforms the lives of young people. We nurture young talent by providing a richly diverse, unique and inclusive teaching environment, and offer a broad programme of music lessons, workshops and events.

Our open admissions policy ensures that there are no barriers, financial or other – we provide music education for all young people, offering free music lessons and instruments for those in need.

World Heart Beat Music Academy offers…

  • A welcoming, creative and safe environment
  • Teaching by renowned, professional musicians
  • A diverse range of musical genres
  • Small group, or one-to-one music lessons
  • Opportunities to join a band or orchestra
  • Superb performance opportunities
  • Bursary places and free instruments if needed
  • Access to wonderful practice spaces
  • High pass rates in music exams
  • Recording studio facilities
  • The chance to progress, year after year

Young people studying with us have the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the most eminent contemporary, international musicians. The Academy has a remarkable track record – generating some of the best talent coming through in today’s music scene.

Expanding the art of possibility

“Learning a musical instrument gives a child an immense sense of achievement. The emotion, discipline and structure involved, takes them on a journey far beyond their initial expectations, and they soon recognise that there are no limits.” – Sahana Gero, Artistic Director

Every child is born with an undeniable connection to music, one that begins with that most essential rhythm of life – the heart beat. This connection is a potential source of joy, vitality and purpose through the childhood years, and on into adulthood. It can develop into a language that expresses the value of each individual, bridging cultural and social divides.

Nurturing inner confidence

Learning and playing music with others enables young people to feel that they are a part of something, something that nobody can take away from them. This nurtures an inner confidence that affects all other areas of life – giving them the freedom to make choices, towards becoming happy and successful adults.

Why we’re different

These life skills have never been more important than in the current global economic situation. We hear speak of a ‘lost generation’ of young people. Commentators point to the widening socio-economic gap, and the seemingly intractable problem of marginalised young people who can see no way out of their disadvantage and isolation.

In the face of this overwhelming sense of powerlessness, at World Heart Beat we believe in the art of the possible, in the power of music to transform lives. In fact, we don’t just believe it, we see it happen day after day.


We believe that there should be no barriers to young people accessing musical education — we offer bursaries to those in need…

Learning a musical instrument gives a child an immense sense of achievement. The emotion, discipline and structure involved, takes them on a journey far beyond their initial expectations, and they soon recognise that there are no limits.

Sahana Gero

Founder & Artistic Director

New World Class Venue

World Heart Beat grows…

World Heart Beat is a leading UK music Academy and a Cultural Anchor for south west London, and we are expanding. Soon we will have two teaching venues… one in Southfields, Wandsworth and the other Embassy Gardens, Nine Elms.

Academy at Embassy Gardens

We are delighted that our new venue at Embassy Gardens, on London’s south bank, will enable us to double the number of students who will benefit over the next few years.

This vibrant new venue – opposite the US Embassy – will offer artists, students and community groups a beautiful new concert venue, as well as high-tech facilities – such as digital labs, a recording studio, and rehearsal and educational spaces.

Our Charter

Vision, values & goals

For a more in depth look at what we are doing and why, have a look at our charter.

Read Our Charter

World Heart Beat Founder

Sahana Gero

Find out more about Sahana, the founder of World Heart Beat Music Academy.

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