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An inspirational centre of musical excellence for young people…

The World Heart Beat Music Academy aims to give children and young people – many of whom would never have access to musical education – the opportunity to learn music within a structured programme, alongside other youngsters, and under the guidance of committed and inspirational musicians. Our vision is to create a beautiful, inspiring place where children of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds can come and play music – together, individually, or with teachers. It will be a place to go after school, at weekends, and during the holidays for lessons, workshops, practice facilities, and to play together in a range of bands and ensembles.

The Academy will offer a genuinely unique environment and opportunity for young people:

  • a space which is dedicated to music and so fit for purpose, providing a range of different sized teaching and practice spaces including space for workshops, and sectional practice for up to 40 people
  • a centre which offers a much wider range of music teaching and ensemble playing experience than is possible in a school environment. Most importantly, the Academy will be a centre for world music – a place where children have the opportunity to learn about and take part in music from all cultures and where different types of music are brought together
  • a centre of music excellence which attracts inspirational musicians from across the community and beyond. Everyone involved in the Academy will be chosen on the basis of their love for music and their belief in the power of music to enhance people’s lives
  • an inclusive centre which will be open to all young people?– where there are no barriers to joining. The Academy will welcome all young people irrespective of their ethnic or social background and regardless of their access to financial support. Our aim is to provide instruments to young people who may not otherwise have access to instruments and to establish teaching bursaries
  • a place to be – to ‘hang out’ with friends and develop their passion for the music they love. At a time where many children and young people feel unsupported at home and distrustful of their school environment the Music Academy will be somewhere which they ‘own’ and feel part of, a place to feel safe, valued and significant
  • a dedicated space in which professional musicians involved in the 51st State Band can expand their teaching by setting up workshops (percussion and jazz workshops are already envisaged); by extending band practice through running regular sectional rehearsals; and by providing individual instrumental support for pupils
  • a community of young musicians who will be encouraged to participate in the 51st State Band and its public performances – and also to create new groups and performance opportunities to showcase their music
  • a base from which to develop teaching and mentoring opportunities for young musicians to support children at the start of their musical journey. This will develop existing mentoring and teaching programmes which provide young people with valuable skills, confidence and ways to create links into their communities

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