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Graduated in cello at the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. As a student at the Academy, she was granted scholarship to learn SARANGI under the guidance of maestro Pandit Ram Narayan in India. Her artistic interests are marked by different musical systems and forms. Since 1981 she has been studying unique techniques of playing Asian instruments, travelling to India, China, Korea, Mongolia, Japan and Middle East.  Maria has created The Non-European Music Section at F. Chopin Music Academy, as well as giving courses at Musicology Institute at the Warsaw University which portrays the connections and differences between various musical systems. Comparative studies and multicultural experiences allowed her to undertake the highly difficult task of reconstructing and taking into consideration artistic as well as scientific values of two missing traditional Polish
instruments, the Suka, and fiddle from Plock.

For years she has been giving lectures, organizing music workshops and promoting young musicians. In her musical journey she crosses many barriers and breaks common stereotypes. Yet she makes it with particular respect for the autonomy of each tradition from which she draws her

Maria Pomianowska as well plays solo or accompanies different music groups folk, jazz, pop, and classical. She performs on the following instruments:
-Suka (Poland)
-Fiddle from Plock (Poland)
-Rota (Poland)
-Folk Bass (poland)
-Gadulka( Bulgaria)
-Kemanche- (Iran)
-Rebab (Turkey)
-Sarangi- (India)
-Er-hu (China)
-Morin-hur (Mongolia)

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