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iFi Studio announces World Heart Beat as their Charity Partner

Today, 28 February 2024, iFi Studio has announced that World Heart Beat will be its 2024 Charity Partner; running auctions for signed products, and donating a percentage of sales revenue to the charity.

iFi Studio will be helping raise funds for our work through eBay auctions of two of its ZEN CAN Studio IEM/headphone amplifiers, both signed by Gary Langan and Stuart Bruce. In addition, iFi will be donating 2% of the revenue generated from direct sales of sister company iFi Audio’s domestic headphone amp, the ZEN CAN, made through its distribution network, Amazon and the iFi Audio webstore in the period of January to March.

World Heart Beat Music Academy is the charitable arm of World Heart Beat, who run the venue for iFi Studio and SSL’s hugely successful ‘Masterclass in recording and mixing with headphones’ that ran in January this year.

Miles Roberts, iFi Studio’s global sales manager, takes up the story, “We had an exceptional day at World Heart Beat in January, with our capacity audience of engineers and producers using the ZEN CAN Studio to monitor the recording and mixing of a jazz trio by Gary Langan (Art of Noise, Queen, ABC) and Stuart Bruce (Band Aid, Stevie Wonder, Madeleine Peyroux).

“Our band was made up of current and former alumni, and the quality of their musicianship was a glowing testament to the fantastic work that Sahana and her team undertake at World Heart Beat Music Academy. Helping under-privileged young people find their calling through music and music technology education is such a worthy cause, and we are absolutely delighted to nominate it as our charitable partner for 2024. We hope that this auction will help raise much needed funds for this work and gives two lucky winners the chance to own truly unique products signed by two of the biggest names in music production.”

There are two signed ZEN CAN Studio amplifiers available in two separate auctions, which end at 7pm on 7th March.

They can be found at The highest bid received in each auction will receive a ZEN CAN Studio signed by both Gary Langan and Stuart Bruce – the very units that were used at the World Heart Beat Studio event. The full amount raised by the auction, including any eBay transaction fees, will be donated to the World Heart Beat Academy.

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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