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Drum Lessons in London

Playing the drums makes the brain think in a way that very few activities can. Being able to understand musical notes and dissect how rhythms work and go together is a very complicated thought process. The most recent study shows that being constantly exposed to this type of brain activity can actually improve children’s IQ level. The process of drumming engages both the linear, (rational left brain) and the creative, (intuitive right brain). It slows the brain waves to around 8 cycles per second, the exact frequency of the earth.

4:30-5:00pm Beginner Class 1
5:00-5:30pm Beginner Class 2
5:30-6:00pm Intermediate Class

All classes are subject to availability. Register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a trial session.

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Introducing our Drum Teacher Julian Fenton

Julian Fenton is a drummer, composer and teacher whose versatility has led him to work in many genres for the past 30 years. Julian’s career includes collaborating and performing with the Grammy and Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter and producer Eg White on the critically acclaimed Eg & Alice album 24 years of Hunger.

Julian has toured with many bands and artists such as ABC, The Lightning Seeds, Desiree, Mansun, Aha, Duran Duran and Motown legend Jimmy Ruffin to name a few.

He has also performed at jazz circuit favourites such as Ronnie Scots and 606 Club and played at worldwide festivals throughout Europe and US.

When Julian isn’t doing session recordings, he devotes his time to sharing his drum enthusiasm and passion by teaching and mentoring students. Julian teaches all levels and encourages beginners of all ages to grade 8 standard and above. Julian studied the Moeller Technique with the renowned Bob Armstrong and also studied postgraduate with Trevor Tomkin at the Guildhall School of Music.

The high standard and excellence in the teaching is part of the joyful environment provided for the students. The love of learning the drums is underpinned with attention to good technique and the important principles of music making.

Paul Gregory: Drums/Percussion Tutor

Paul GregoryPaul was invited to study at the Royal Academy of Music’s junior school age 14. A degree course in Jazz at the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama followed, since which his fiery drumming has provided the pulse behind acts such as Stan Sulzmann, Kenny Wheeler, John Dankworth, Buddy Greco, Guy Barker, Jean Toussaint, Kit Downes, Frances Ruffelle, Eliza Doolittle, Peter Straker, Roger Lloyd Pack, Clive Rowe, Joanna Macgregor, Elaine C Smith, MC Tali, Michael Kiwanuka, Joss Stone, Bellatrix and Reeps One, at venues and festivals across the U.K and Europe. Currently, in addition to his exemplary percussion work for the Hoods, he is also the drummer for renowned folk-hip-hop act Dizraeli and the Small Gods.

Paul understands rhythm like nobody else I know, and holds a groove down ridiculously hard. Couldn’t really ask for more than Paul, from a drummer.
– Dizraeli and the Small Gods

Mark Mondesir – Hall of Fame

Mark certainly is one of the most astonishing drummers on this planet with a mind boggling concept of time, creativity and speed that is bordering the super human.”
– Drummer World

Without doubt one of the UK’s most extraordinary drumming talents, Mark Mondesir is simply a master of the kit.”
– Zildjian

Mark Mondesir“I’m very much into that which is termed as ‘spiritual’ and I’m a great believer in the power of manifestation,” says Mondesir. “If you focus on something long enough, it tends to materialise. I’m living, walking proof of that. Like a drop of water in the ocean, I become a fluid part of the music. I feel ideas and my limbs go where they may to create sounds without physical effort. To say music moves me in a very deep way is an understatement.”

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