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World Heart Beat is all about young people, and their voices are vitally important to us. Generation Heartbeat – Ziggazah – is a group of our dedicated young musicians, who meet with us regularly to discuss their ideas – they play an active role, inspiring us to be innovative and reflective in the ways that we create new programmes, and keep our mission meaningful.

The Youth Board

Sian Kelly

World Heart Beat has supported my music education, and continues to support my music career. The Academy is a wonderful cultural hub that is truly unique centre of creativity – Sahana’s MBE speaks volumes.

Because we’re expanding, it’s so relevant that those who will be utilising the space should be involved in how we use it. If we’re more in the know, we can appreciate what’s going on behind the scenes. I feel proud to be a part of this, and look forward to working with the HeartBeat Collective to keep the momentum going.

Jas Kayser

Jas Kayser

World Heart Beat is an incredibly unique organisation, giving so many children/students/young adults an opportunity to develop their craft to full potential in a very open and supportive environment.

It is amazing to have the opportunity contribute even more to expanding the Academy, giving access to more young people, and striving to help our students to take over the music industry!

Arnaldo Cogorno sitting at a piano

Arnaldo Cogorno

World Heart Beat gave me a space to be a part of their community, and this has helped me to grow, both as a person and as a musician. I’ve received music lessons, accompanied younger students, and also taught and helped with orchestra rehearsals. At the Academy I’ve also found a place to practice and study with good instruments, and a place to learn about other musical genres, like jazz.

I have always believed that everyone deserves the opportunity to study music, regardless of their background or financial situation. I’m very happy to help because the World Heart Beat community shares this same vision, helping people that would not otherwise be able to afford music education at all.


Chiara Maria Calastri

World Heart Beat makes music a social mission, creating a space which strives for excellence and expands possibility.

The Academy has supported me in my studies and has given me many opportunities to enhance my performance, teaching and employability skills. I have met incredible musicians, and it has inspired me as both a musician and person.

I am very grateful to be a part of this programme as it gives me the opportunity to give back a little of what I have received by expanding what the Academy has been for me so far: an inclusive space where music can be shared and expressed, and a belief in the possibilities for social change.

Miranda Gallacher

Miranda Gallacher

World Heart Beat has really shaped me as a person, so to be able to influence the experience of other people and maximise the gains to others will be a chance for me to give something back.

Emily Santos

Ava Joseph

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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