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Operation Forest

World Heart Beat Musicians present a follow up to ‘For the Struggle’ Concert

Two young musicians from World Heart Beat Music Academy introduce their first virtual concert.

The concert will be livestreamed on World Heart Beat’s YouTube channel on SUNDAY 23rd MAY at 7pm. 

This concert is FREE, but if you’re able to contribute your donations will be much appreciated – scroll down to donate. Thank you! 

Operation Forest, highlights the ongoing need for global awareness of racial injustice and equality for all – it also raises awareness of the need to protect our planet.

For a taste of what’s to come, click the button below…

Musicians Carla Flores and Ava Joseph came up with the concept behind Operation Forest during lockdown. Since they were no longer able to meet in person at the academy, and in light of Black Lives Matter, they decided to come together virtually with their fellow musicians to express themselves.

They also wanted to give something back to World Heart Beat, in recognition of the support they’ve received in their years of musical learning.

Many of the students involved in Operation Forest also learn at the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy (JJJA). Both academies help to secure the shared enrichment and creation of more well-rounded musicians, who thrive through learning and performing together.  

Ava and Carla invited jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss, MBE – a mentor who provides masterclasses at the academy – to feature in the centrepiece composition with ‘Oh Freedom’, a post-civil war African American freedom song by galvanising all the musicians to sing as an a capella choir.

Other highlights include BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year Deschanel Gordon performing the Duke Ellington classic ‘Come Sunday’, from his highly celebrated suite of 1942 entitled ‘Black, Brown and Beige‘.  

The concert features a wide selection of songs…

The young musicians from world Heart Beat and JJJA will be performing a songs by influential musicians including:

  • Prince
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Duke Ellington
  • Nina Simone
  • The Sounds of Blackness. 

The programme is directed by Ava Joseph & Carla Flores.
Presented by Ava Joseph, Carla Flores & Ben Asante.
Illustration by Ava Joseph & Wilf Cameron Marples. 

To watch the livestreamed Operation Forest concert on 23rd May:

This concert is FREE but if you’re able to contribute your donations will be much appreciated…

CLICK HERE to donate. Thank you! 

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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