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World Heart Beat Music Hour 2016

World Heart Beat Music Hour is hosted by The World Heart Beat Music Academy and their young musicians. The program explores music across the genres and from all music cultures, focusing both on established, mainstream players and on the new generation of younger artists. It also features the various projects and concerts at World Heart Beat.

Sunday, December 11th 2016

This was a show presented by Elena and Julia, with 13 year old flute students Milla, Maia, and Ola! And we played another really fun Music Quiz with our listeners! This show became the most listened show of the month on  Wandsworth radio!

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Sunday, December 4th 2016

The World Heart Beat Music Hour today was presented by Elena and featured the 14 year old music student Emily! We had a fantastic exclusive interview with the multi-award winning performer and composer Byron Wallen for you!

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Sunday, November 27th 2016

This week Elena was joined by World Heart Beat student Shiv for a tabla special radio show! We also even had an exclusive interview with the percussionist Alok Verma!

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Sunday, November 20th 2016

She is back! Isabel Marangos was Elena’s guest on today’s World Heart Beat Music Hour! Listen back for exclusive interviews, a live performance, a playlist chosen by Isabel…We also did a MUSIC QUIZ that our listeners took part in! This show became the 2nd most listened show of the month on Wandsworth Radio!

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Sunday, November 13th 2016
World Heart Beat Music Hour November 13th 2016 with Katie and Madeleine (World Kindness Day)

Madeleine and Katie were this week’s guests on the World Heart Beat Music Hour ! We celebrated World Kindness Day and had the 11 and 12 year old musicians interviewed. Tune in to hear World Heart Beat students and teachers’ messages about kindness, songs chosen by Katie and Madeleine, kindness-themed songs, and more!

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Sunday, November 6th 2016

World Heart Beat Music Hour November 6th 2016 with Julia (51st State Band)


This show was hosted by Elena and Julia! They played various song requests and told us all about the upcoming 51st State Band Concert at Putney Arts Theatre on November 18th 2016

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Sunday, October 23rd 2016

f944-a3bd-4fbb-b486-1b3d29de1159Today our World Heart Beat Music Hour was dedicated to Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. We were celebrating their connection through the great humanitarian peace luminary Sri Chinmoy. Listen back for messages about peace from our music students, the first Persian song ever written for Nelson Mandela, performances of Sri Chinmoy’s music, and more!

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It was an emotional program and attendence of children was so impressive. 
I am glad that you have made a program about peace and love, I’m sure that it would affect on audience. – Listener






Sunday, October 16th 2016

6640-bdb9-44c9-adb2-54ec554d3517Tonight Elena and Julia were joined by 17 year-old flautist, pianist and guitarist Kirsty and from our Music Academy! Kirsty had selected an amazing playlist of songs that were made with passion and convey great emotions. Listen to our live show every Sunday between 4 and 5pm on !

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Sunday, October 9th 2016

0497-b6cc-4d1a-9eb3-501d12c17833This week we were celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth with a special African American playlist prepared by Julia and Elena!

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Sunday, October 2nd 2016

14524537_1269912179748312_2449237664727218636_oThis week Elena was be joined by 12 year old saxophonist, clarinetist and bassist Nathan! We had an amazing Soul, Jazz and Funk playlist for you! Listen back for interviews with Nathan about music, concerts and more!

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Sunday, September 25th 2016

1bfd-9b5a-4213-834c-9bd8475b058dElena’s guests were be 10 and 11 year old violinists Olivia and Inaya! They performed and talked about the violinist, orchestrator and World Heart Beat teacher Laci Olah! Listen back for stunning violin pieces and more

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Sunday, September 18th 2016

cce9-545d-4661-884d-60a7b4de02d3Today our World Heart Beat Music Hour was Wandsworth-themed! Listen back for music connected with the Brighter Borough (songs about Wandsworth, local musical anecdotes, musicians from Wandsworth…) – Our World Heart Beat Students also told us what it feels like to be back to the academy after their Summer break!

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Sunday, September 11th 2016

1a26-839c-4a0c-8067-bae000c6b2e7After a little summer break, the World Heart Beat Music Hour is back on on Wandsworth Radio! Tonight, French presenter Elena and Brazilian filmmaker Thiago Carvalhaes were interviewing Don Chandler, Director of World Heart Beat Reggae School and bass teacher who has performed with an extraordinary number of artists around the world. Music student Jaidon was also our guest on the second part of the show!

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Sunday, June 19th 2016

9b90-8f23-4c5b-ad13-1101efb77ea0The great Jazz singer and songwriter Tammy Weis was our special guest on this World Heart Beat Radio show!

Listen back for a fantastic hour of exclusive interviews and music selected by Tammy.

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Sunday, June 12th 2016

3409-b591-4096-af0a-1929f5bd2b6fOur guest today is the pianist and film score composer Michael Csanyi-Wills!

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Sunday, June 5th 2016

0e7c-0225-4533-82d7-ae33fd2754b2Do you like French music? Do you like Electro music? Then don’t miss out on the World Heart Beat Music Hour from 4pm to 5pm today, because our guest is the French composer and DJ Yannis Hannachi! Listen here for exclusive interviews and a French electro special playlist.

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Sunday, May 29th 2016

29 MAYElena’s guests will be 12 year old flautists Milla and Ola! They will talk about how the academy’s Art Director Sahana Gero inspires them, chose some of the playlist, review art shows, and tell us what it feels like to be a young music student!

Sunday, May 22nd 2016

22 MAYOur guest today is the musician and composer Jake Rodrigues! Elena will also be joined by two baritone and piano students Caspar and Theo aged 8 and 9!

This was the 3rd most listened to show on Wandsworth Radio in May!

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Sunday, May 15th 2016

Today we are celebrating the International Day of Families! Join us for a family-themed show with songs chosen by students from World Heart Beat!

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Sunday, May 8th 2016

8 MAYWe have a fantastic guest today: the director and screenwriter Christopher Smith is joining Elena and the two music students Ella and Martha! The clarinettists aged 11 and 12 will interview Christopher Smith on his film career.

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Sunday, May 1st 2016

1 MAYToday Elena’s guest is Bobbie, a drums and piano student from the academy! We have a Labour Day themed playlist for you and we will also update you on the latest World Heart Beat classes!

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Sunday, April 24th 2016

24 APRWe have amazing guests today: Pavel from the band Looking For Droids and platinum-recorded artist Daisy Chute! These brilliant musicians will be interviewed by the wonderful WHB students Andrea and Katie! Andrea will also give us a live performance!

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Sunday,March 27th 2016

This week we are having a Swedish show with special guests from Sweden!

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Sunday, March 13th 2016

13 MARThis week Elena is joined by musician and Jazz lover Jesse! Jesse has prepared an amazing playlist for today and will also interview the great pianist and composer Michael Csànyi-Wills!

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Sunday, March 6th 2016

6 MARYoung clarinettist Felix is joining Elena in the studio today! As well as our usual interviews about music and live performance, today is a special Mother’s Day themed show!

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Sunday, February 28th 2016

28 FEBToday Elena is joined by young musicians Selena and Amy! Tune in for chats about being a musician, reviews of the musical Matilda, live performances and much more!

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Sunday, February 14th 2016

This week the World Heart Beat Music Hour is celebrating New Orleans’ music and Mardi Gras! Featuring an exclusive interview with our guest Belinda who experienced life in New Orleans.

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Sunday, February 7th

7 FEBYoung musicians Rafe and Mya join Elena in the studio for exclusive art show reviews, music chats, a special playlist and more!

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Sunday, January 31st 2016

Today’s show is produced and presented by Milda! You will hear an interview with the guest Damian Sliwa ! Milda will also tell us about last Tuesday’s concert at the academy with a special playlist.

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Sunday, January 24th 2016

24 JANYoung clarinetist and pianist Matthew is back in the studio for exclusive interviews and a live performance! Today we also have a winter-themed playlist as well as new tracks from Domino records!

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Sunday, January 17th 2016

Today is a songwriting themed show! we have the young musician Sahrali from the Academy in the studio! Sahrali will tell us about her relationship with Arts and perform live!

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Sunday, January 10th 2016

10 JANToday we have two young musicians from the World Heart Beat Music Academy: Paula and Julia! We will also talk about the academy’s new Early Years music program!

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Sunday, January 3rd 2016

A TV Soundtrack special with Elena, Tamsin and World Heart Beat student Melanie. We play you the best tracks from our favourite TV shows!

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