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Trinity Buoy Sounds; a transformative music project for young people

World Heart Beat Music Academy are to launch a brand-new arts project with Trinity Buoy Wharf. The project will use music to engage local young people, opening access to the arts across the neighbourhood.

Trinity Buoy Sounds is a three-year programme that sets out to transform the lives and outcomes of people aged 13-25 that live in and around Trinity Buoy Wharf. Its vibrant music and creative focus, coupled with specialised coaching, aims to help them to find their passion and voice. The project, which is targeted at those currently underrepresented in the music industry, will equip young people with the self-confidence, skills, knowledge, networks, and a community of support in which to thrive.

The programme, which is funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, will support young people to co-create a “portrait” of the area in collaboration with its diverse communities, and to produce an annual public concert for local families. Free workshops will provide a platform for showcasing emerging talent from the area and inspire local children to be creative or to take up an instrument.

The project is delivered by global music education charity World Heart Beat Music Academy. World Heart Beat will also be working alongside community and youth organisations such as Tower Hamlets-based ‘Streets of Growth’ to recruit young participants and ‘The People Speak’ who will support on evaluation and engagement. 

Trinity Buoy Sounds targets young people in Tower Hamlets and Newham, where the child poverty rate is the highest in London and school exclusions are on the rise. The project will empower young people, supporting them to realise their potential and talent, and allowing them to become instigators of change, both in their local area and in their own lives.

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with young people in Trinity Buoy Wharf. World Heart Beat provides a welcoming, safe and creative environment where the young are encouraged to exceed their expectations of themselves and understand their value. Our wonderful new partners will enhance our offer and allow to nurture new young talent.’

Sahana Gero, Artistic Director

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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