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Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation

We are immensely grateful to Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation for funding our Second Line jazz programme, which will make it possible for young musicians to learn the roots of jazz music as it originated in New Orleans.

In 19th century New Orleans, jazz brought together diverse ethnic and racial groups, who found common cause through their love of music. Inspired by this, World Heart Beat’s Second Line project will engage young musicians in an exciting and accessible New Orleans jazz music programme, including workshops in local Wandsworth schools.

Second Line will be led by World Heart Beat in partnership with leading jazz musicians and New Orleans’ jazz specialists. It will include masterclasses in trombone, trumpet and percussion; ‘big band’ practice sessions leading to Second Line Parades on the streets of Wandsworth; public performances at professional venues such as the 606 Club; and rich informative sessions exploring jazz history and culture, and the impact it has on contemporary music.

Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation are collecting unused or unwanted musical instruments to donate to children living in challenging circumstances in the UK and abroad. See more here »


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