Patrick Clahar


PATRICK CLAHAR is one of the leading Saxophonists of his generation and the cream of British Jazz. His sound on the tenor sax is without equal. It has a modern clearness, but is rooted in the soulful, raw sound of Coltrane.

It all began one day at high school …I remember walking past a practice room and hearing a sixth former saxophonist playing and just getting a strange feeling that I must learn this instrument and that somehow it would become part of my life.

Luckily there was one remaining saxophone which Patrick quickly claimed.

Patrick has worked with the Jazz Warriors, Jazz Jamaica, Julian Joseph Big Band, Julian Joseph and Jason Rebello quartets, Incognito, London Metropolitan Orchestra, Lou Reed, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, Stevie Wonder, Basia, Jocelyn Brown, James Brown, Dina Carroll, Desiré, Mica Paris, Lulu, Sister Sledge, Omar, Pete Townsend, Dave Stewart, Carleen Anderson, Beverly Knight, Diana Ross and Bobby Womack.

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