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Our Gucci scholars perform in Rome

In January, seven of our Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery scholars flew out to Rome to perform with Italian composer, Maestro Nicola Piovani, who has written scores for over 130 films.

 Rome Gucci

The students played pieces from the film La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful), which won the Oscar for best Original score in 1998. They also performed a dinner set to 200 eminent guests of Gucci at the famous venue Open Collona.

“Thank you to the young artists for the beautiful experience and the beautiful evening and we hope to see you again soon. A great hug.” –Nicola Piovani


A letter to Nicola Piovani from the Students:

Dear Maestro Nicola Piovani,

Words cannot express our gratitude for the unbelievable and amazing gift that you bestowed on us all last Saturday in Rome where the students of the World Heart Beat Music Academy performed your music and with you at the Open Collona, Gucci Timepieces concert.

Thank you so so so much for being so kind to them all.  It was the most beautiful musical experience which all our young musicians will treasure deep inside their hearts and souls forever.

– The World Heart Beat Music Academy.


An article from Trinity Laban Conservatoire about Renato’s performance >>


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