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NEW online music courses

World Heart Beat Music Academy is offering online instrumental lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new summer term starts on Monday 20th April.  

Our online e-lessons will enable students to continue the joy of learning music and provides focus and a sense of familiarity during lockdown at home. 

In the vast majority of cases, teachers will be carrying out individual lessons (or group lessons depending on experience) and we will be offering tips, video and community links to parents, guardians and pupils to help get the most from their e-learning. 

Once schools reopen we will be reverting back to our normal lessons, however we will be continuing with online lessons for those that find them beneficial. 

To encourage as many of our students into learning music as possible, we are able to loan musical instruments for free. 

Please email to find out more information. 

 We look forward to seeing you soon! 

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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