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Louis Armstrong – Life is so Peculiar

Oh life (is so peculiar), (you get so wet in the rain)
You know it too? (mm-hm)
You get so warm in the sunshine, (Get my sun tan)
(It doesn’t pay to complain), I never complain
When I get up each morning, there’s nothing to breathe but air, (Yeah)
(And when I look in the mirror, there’s nothing to comb but hair)
And when I sit down to breakfast, there’s nothing to eat but food
(Life is so peculiar but you can’t stay home and brood)
Oh, life(Tell ’em about it pops) is so peculiar
The desert has only got sand, (And that’s grand)

The oceans only got water,(And you can’t drink it all up)
You never know where you stand
(When I get out to dinner, there’s nothing to wear but clothes)
(Whenever I get sleepy, there’s nothing to do but doze), Yeah
(Whenever I get thirsty, there’s nothing to do but drink)
(Life is no peculiar that it makes you stop and think)
Yes, life (boop-a-doo-wa-boo-waa), is so peculiar, (It sure is)

A fork belongs with the knife (It sure does)
(Corn beef is lost without cabbage)
I love cabbage, a husband should have a wife
(Yes), (life is so peculiar, but as everybody says)
(That’s life)

(Life), Yes life (it’s so peculiar), a-hugh
(a bird can usually sing). A bird, I do too
(A pearl is made by an oyster), New Orleans?
(Rampart Street)
(You can’t be sure of a thing)

When I get tired of restin’ there’s nothing to do but walk (walk it off pop)
And when I don’t care to listen there’s nothing to do but talk (keep you big mouth shut)
When I’m up in the airplane there’s nothing to do but fly (mm-hm)
(Life is so peculiar but I often wonder why)

Oh, life, (boop-a-doo-wa-boo-waa), is so peculiar, (sure is)
A fork belongs with a knife you know, (mm-mm)
(Corn beef is lost without cabbage), leftover cabbage? (Yeah)
A husband should have a wife

(Yeah), (life is so peculiar, but what everybody says that’s life)
One more for me Jim (that’s life)
Let me hear it one time (that’s life)
All together (That’s life), yeah

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