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Lockdown Video Fundraiser

Support young musicians during Lockdown

Lockdown Video Fundraiser

#worldheartbeatathome — we hope World Heart Beat’s lockdown video fundraiser will raise money so we can support young people during lockdown.

101 young musicians…

Over one hundred World Heart Beat students have come together online to create this amazing version of Another Star, by Stevie Wonder.

We have made this lockdown video to fundraise for our BE THERE CAMPAIGN, which supports young people during lockdown by providing music-making opportunities and music lessons online.

Recognition from Big Picture Foundation, USA…

“World Heart Beat Music Academy’s commitment to offering music and education to all kids, regardless of background, should be the model for the rest of the world! Thank you for your heroic work, and for the committed collaboration among your students.”

Kim Tamalonis, Executive Director, Big Picture Foundation Inc.

Support us…

Please help us to raise the money that will enable us to give music lessons to children and young people living in challenging circumstances during this coronavirus crisis. We so appreciate your support – every penny makes a difference. Please donate through our BE THERE CAMPAIGN on GlobalGiving.

Many young people are struggling more than ever during this unexpected crisis, so it is a critical time to support them. Please consider making a donation to enable their music learning to continue, enriching their lives and helping to keep them on track.

Dedicated to Terry Mansfield

It is with great sadness that we share the loss of our dear friend, Terry Mansfield. Terry was an avid supporter of World Heart Beat Music Academy, who was passionate about empowering others –providing opportunities to those living in disadvantage. Terry wholeheartedly supported World Heart Beat in our mission to develop tomorrow’s talent.

It is an absolute honour to dedicate our Lockdown music video to Terry Mansfield — former President and Chief Executive of ‘Nat Mags’ (now Hearst UK), who passed away in March 2020, aged 81, after contracting the coronavirus.

“Raw talent is the dormant spark that exists inside all human beings, and when it is lit up, it gives drive and energy with unlimited possibilities, and this leads to great achievement.”

Terry Mansfield

World Heart Beat is immensely grateful to Terry for his incredible support, love and beautiful ideas. He gave generously to us, and opened doors in order to support our work with young people through music.

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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