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Levi Roots Visits Reggae School


In September we opened Reggae School at the World Heart Beat Music Academy to give 30 young people the chance to learn a musical instrument through the power and groove of Reggae Music. Just after a couple of months of this project starting, we invited Levi Roots to come down to the World Heart Beat Music and play with the young people in World Heart Beat Reggae School to perform in concert. The young musicians were also joined by Jazz giants Julian Joseph and Steve Williamson who were equally impressed with the amazing energy of the school. The young musicians from several different schools, played with real heart and vibe. Levi Roots enjoyed the young musicians so much that he said he will come back any time we like plus he invited us to play/sing and be part of his food festival !!

Thank you to you all for inviting me to be involved in Reggae School -You are bringing so much inspiration and unbelievable great vibes to all young people everywhere. Life is all about having a passion, in my case I was lucky enough to have two passions music and food and when I combined the two, I became Levi Roots. Levi continued, “Its what you put in and what you take out that is important, but when everything is taken out then it is all about the vibe and that is the most important thing in life.”
– Levi Roots

Thank you again for bringing so much joy, so much friendship, so much warmth, inspiration, humanity and great vibes to the World Heart Beat Reggae School. All our young musicians were really moved when you spoke – about passion and the vibe being the most important thing in life and in growing up. Please consider this Reggae School your home.”
– Sahana Gero Artistic Director

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