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Lamont Dozier Jr. Visits World Heart Beat


Lamont Dozier Jr, Kevin Flournoy, producer and songwriter and Donnell Spencer Jr, the American Drummer comes and inspires young musicians.

Meeting you and the children, and hearing them perform and pursue their musical aspirations was inspiring to me! Linda and I enjoyed our visit, and upon our return, would like to reach out to you, and see how things are progressing. I wish you Godspeed on your journey, and I look forward to when our paths will cross again! Thank you so much,

On behalf of the musicians and myself, I like to say we enjoyed the children and meeting you, and you made our visit wonderful !!!
Till we see you again , all the best to you and the children and their future endeavors !!!
Take care and see you soon!

Accepted an invitation to talk, perform and present awards to the young kids from the World Heart Beat Music Academy here in London, England. Watching those talented and gifted kids in the orchestra rehearse created great memories for how it all began for myself. A couple of the students from the World Heart Beat Music Academy here in London sharing their gift with Lamont Dozier Jr. and myself during our visit there yesterday. Sian (16 yrs old) sang the classic song “At Last”…..and it was incredible!”
– Kevin Flournoy, Music Producer and song writer at Kay Flow Projects

I was so glad that I was asked to participate and be apart of something that is so wonderful! You are doing an amazing job, I saw the joy and excitement in the kids eyes. They made me feel good! I appreciate you and your hospitality.Thank you very much!”
– Donnell Spencer Jr
Thank you so much for such an incredible time and your hospitality. WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. You are incredibly special and what you are doing is remarkable!”
– Kimberly Maxey, Director of Kay Flow projects LA

Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful and beautiful energy today. You could see all the kids enjoying and appreciating your presence like anything and it was unbelievable inspiration for them and for me too. Please feel that you are part of our family and that anything that World Heart Beat Music Academy can offer to you we will be delighted. It was just such an honour and privilege for us to have you come.”
–Sahana Gero, Artistic Director

What an amazing band reheresal yesterday with the lamont dozier and co, it was just a brilliant time. They were just generally lovely to speak to.”
Many Thanks
Alice Dougal

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