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Gucci Achievement Awards

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These awards are an initiative of Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery to acknowledge the extra qualities and support that their scholars bring to the World Heart Beat Music Academy.

Heart and Soul Award to Sian Kelly

Sian lights up the room with her cheerfulness and enthusiasm and her charisma on stage is bound with her passion, beautiful voice and soul in her music. Sian is warm and engaging with visitors to the academy and is always willing to work tirelessly and help out. She is inspirational and extremely supportive of her fellow students and younger students.

Life Is Music Award to Mansur Brown

When you watch Mansur play you can almost see him merging into the music. He is always either listening to or playing music and has been known to go without food or sleep rather than stop playing and practicing. Mansur’s said that his first beach holiday ever was the worst time of his life because he couldn’t take his guitar or play his music Mansur always oozes cool and style

His dream is to be a music legend and is always searching and striving for ways to be better. He has been known to boldly walk up to music legends and ask ‘ So how do you become the best musician in the world?’

Commitment and Dedication Award to Ezekiel Ajie

Ezekiel started coming to Reggae school at the academy when he was 17. It was at this time that Ezekiel started playing the bass. Ezekiel take days off work just to help out and set up for the academy’s events and concerts. He has been a continuous and integral support to the UK Music fund and its students since it began, both with the set up of concerts and eventually accompanying them on the bass guitar

In fact he started playing the bass guitar just under two years ago and after just 9 months of lessons accompanied the students at the concert in Florence. Ezekiel continues to be an important part of the Gucci fund and will be accompanying them once again in Rome next year.

To top it off he is also a great cook and baker and makes cakes for important Academy guests!

Outstanding Student of the Year Award to Renato Paris

Renato is versatile and talented and an all around musician – as well as playing piano and being a singer/songwriter, he plays guitar, bass guitar and drums.

In 2013 Renato came to help and musically support the other students with Grammy Camp Videos Profiles, despite not being part of the fund at the time. Renato now teaches the kids at the academy. He was selected by the Grammy committee to fly to LA and attend the prestigious Grammy Camp in 2014 where he became the featured student there. Renato has excellent presentation skills and stage presence and was invited to play at the Gucci Xmas Party. He will be with the other Gucci music students to perform at the Gucci Sales conferince in Rome 2015

Outstanding Achievement and Long Service Award to Quinn Oulton

Quinn has grown up with 51st State Band and WHBA since he was 8 years old

He passed his Grade 8 with distinction – Jazz Saxophone by the age of 11. Quinn formed his own bands with friends around this time and spent a great deal of his personal time in the academy practising and hanging out with friends. As well as playing Saxophone he can turn his hand to most instruments including the guitar and drums.

Quinn was chosen to attend Grammy Camp in LA 2013 and performed in Florence performance in 2014. He has just started to attend the Royal Academy of Music 2014 on the Jazz Course, also receiving a scholarship (one of six scholarships across all the genres). Quinn now teaches at the World Heart Beat Music Academy every Friday – 5 year olds to teenagers and is always around to support and mentor young students.

World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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