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battersea art station event

Event: Battersea Art Station

battersea art station

On Friday 25th September, some of our young musicians performed at the Battersea Art Station event, an exhibition and reception for Friends of Battersea Power Station. Guests had the opportunity to meet the artists behind the exhibition and  to purchase a Power Station painting, print or sculpture. 20{2e534ef053df196e2437f51df132cae85af5766e7537433a2c98bda92431fc1b} of the funds raised were donated to local arts charities, one of which is World Heart Beat Music Academy.

We pride ourselves on providing a community environment for excellence in music and it’s fantastic to see the community sharing the same values. Understanding that the arts are important to the wellbeing of all people , to the community and spirit of any successful and prosperous region we are very excited to be part of the Battersea Arts Station event. Initiatives like these go hand in hand with the developing potential of our young people and we are very proud of this partnership. The regeneration project offers hope in the same way that our young musicians will become the life blood of this community”

– Sahana Gero (Artistic Director of World Heart Beat Music Academy)


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