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Celtic Fiddle and Tabla Concerts

World Heart Beat Music Academy began with their first Celtic Fiddle & Tabla themed occasion in 2014. Since then, a successful collaboration with sponsors, Seymour Green Estate Agents, for the 2015 Celtic Fiddle and Tabla Concert has helped the Celtic Fiddle school at the academy grow into one of our most popular programmes. These concerts feature a blend of traditional instruments from the repertoire of both Celtic and Indian music, resulting in a beautiful sound.

The rhythm of Celtic music provides a perfect vibrant atmosphere that enables even the youngest aspiring musicians to learn violin both by ear and from music. The young players learn at an astonishing rate, and some attend the Academy three times a week for lessons. The joy they show in their playing is infectious, and they are already confident performers. Every member of the Celtic Fiddle school was awarded a “Celtic Achievement Award,” an initiative of Seymour Green to reward our young players for their hard work and dedication to their instruments.

The Tabla players from our Asian school, who had taken their grade exams the day before the 2015 Celtic Fiddle & Tabla Concert, were also awarded with their certificates.

2017 Celtic Fiddle & Tabla Concert

We have another long anticipated Celtic themed concert on the horizon, and we hope everyone is as excited as us to see how the children at the Asian School and Celtic Fiddle School have developed, both in their technique and passion for the music. The young musicians have a a selection of musical pieces to showcase at the concert, which will be hosted at World Heart Beat Music Academy on Wednesday 5th of July 2017 at 6pm. We welcome everyone to come and experience the unique style of this music, and support all the talented students who make our enjoyment possible. 




2015 Celtic Fiddle & Tabla Concert

“Seymour Green are sponsoring World Heart Beat because we really feel it’s important to support the community and engage in local initiatives. When we were asked about supporting this Music Academy a year ago we were so excited as we can see what a great outfit this place is and how inspiring it is for young musicians.

This was a great event and it made us feel so very proud to be involved. We will continue our support and look forward to coming to your next concert.” – Adele Brown (Seymour Green)




2014 Celtic Fiddle & Tabla Concert

On Tuesday the 15th of July 2014, at 6.30pm, World Heart Beat held the first joint Tabla and Celtic Fiddle concert. Some of these students had only been playing for six months, but their passion and dedication to learning came across in their performance. Our young Tabla players were also presented with their certificates for passing their World Heart Beat Tabla exams. It was a fantastic night and we were pleased that so many people came to support our students.

“The Celtic Fiddle player’s passion for music is truly excellent. They already show good bowing and intonation, and their sheer joy and happiness when they play their instruments is infectious.” – Sahana Gero (Artistic Director)

“Unbelievable progress, it’s amazing to see how much they have learned in such a short time. I’ve never heard young violinists play like that, they sounded fantastic!” – Audience member

“The spirit and energy of these young players is phenomenal, they express so much through their playing. You really have to check this Celtic school out.” – Parent






World Heart Beat uses the power of music to inspire, bring people together and make a positive impact

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