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Brazilian Music Concert featuring the Academy’s students

The World Heart Beat Music Academy would like to warmly invite you to a concert featuring our four Brazilian artists in residence and the Academy’s students.

This will be the last time that our young musicians perform alongside our Brazilian artists, who each bring their own unique styles to the ensemble:

– Almir Pessoa, a renowned Brazilian artist who is most famous for his work with the Viola Caipira, a 10 stringed guitar. He has gone on to record 5 albums and performed to audiences of over 70,000.

– Pepe Barcellos, who specialises in Samba and other Brazilian styles of music and has performed with artists all over the world. He studied his MA in Music at the Universidade Federal do Parana where he wrote his thesis on ‘An Integrated Composition Process Between Music and Dance’.

– Cibele Palopoli, a distinguished flautist from São Paulo. Cibele is part of the USP Choro group which toured Mozambique (2010) and her band Ôctôctô recently toured Portugal and Germany (2014).

– and Thiago Carvalhaes, a documentary filmmaker from Sao Paulo whose work spans across many projects, films and TV programs. He has won a number of awards including the 2012 Young Cultural Agent Prize from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.
This will be a donations event. Please drop us an email at to book your seat as space is limited, thank you very much!


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