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51st State Band Testimonials


It’s always an honour to be invited to play with the band and if the young people are inspired to go forward on their musical journey as a result, that really gives me great pleasure. Since I have been involved with the 51st state band it has never sounded as good as on Friday – it really has gone to the next level! This is testament to the years of continued hard work and dedication that Sahana and Sheila have put in, and they should both be rightly proud.”
Patrick Clahar

I went along to hear the 51st State Band play at Putney Arts Theatre. It’s a band with lots of local schoolchildren, playing brass and wind instruments and they were really very impressive and worth going to hear at their next performance.”
Justine Greening MP

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement with the 51st State Band. A truly awesome sound produced by two very dedicated and inspiring directors.”

If my eleven-year-old can do this, he can do anything!”

Thank you for a truly magical evening. You put in so much time and effort and the children don’t let you down.”

Many congratulations on producing such a wonderful concert… I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I was overwhelmed by the whole event… I think these children are exceptionally fortunate to take part in a band of this calibre.”

What a thrill to perform in a proper theatre!”

My son has really enjoyed playing with the 51st State Band and has learnt a great deal from your inspiring example.”

Congratulations! Last night’s concert was a triumph! Thank you for all that you did to ensure that the children performed so well and enjoyed their music so much! It was wonderful to see, and hear, such a large and appreciative audience and the sense of achievement that the children will have from performing so well and receiving so much applause will stay with them for a long time! It really was an excellent evening.”
Tim Willets – Head of Curriculum, Professional, Governor and Leadership Development for London Borough of Wandsworth

I wanted to write and tell you what a difference you have made to my son’s life. In year 1 he was diagnosed with autism and at that point he was a very withdrawn boy with few friends and low self-confidence. Due to music and your support he now believes he is good at something and enjoys playing so much. It has given him confidence to be able to make friends and join in. Band has been fantastic for that. As a parent with no music skills, it has been a venture into a new world and a godsend. You are doing fantastic work with the children and I really appreciate it.”

Emily had the most amazing night of her life and came home as high as a kite! She just loves to perform and is desperate to do more. The whole concert was so uplifting and inspirational (for all the family). Thank you to you both for all you are doing for music in the borough.”

My Son is loving being part of the band. His trombone playing has really improved. After 18 months playing he took his grade 3 recently and we have just heard that he got Distinction… Needless to say we are all thrilled! Thank you for making him feel so welcome and being so encouraging. It is the highlight of his week.”

Susie is absolutely loving band.  I wish I’d encouraged her to join years ago – her playing has improved dramatically because she’s having more fun with it.”

I thought you’d like to know that Guy took part in BBIAD at Ronnie Scott’s yesterday! He was thrilled to take part and was one of 2 trombonists and 13 young people. He volunteered to play the first solo improvisation in the first piece on the stage. We were so proud of him. We just wanted you to know that without your help during his time with the 51st State Band he probably wouldn’t have had the confidence and expertise to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

I just wanted to let you know how much Marcus and I enjoyed the 51st State Band concert on Friday. I was very happy as Earth Wind and Fire is just about my favourite band … I wanted to get up and dance!”

We were wowed by the stunning performance of Over the Rainbow by Arianne Tan and Ava Joseph has such an extraordinary voice. We also loved the Spirit of Brazil piece composed by Julian Joseph.”

The concert was such fun and the band members were obviously having a ball too. The violinists were fantastic – and seem to have improved a lot, even since we saw them earlier in the year at Maestro Arts. Thanks for a wonderful evening and an opportunity to see and hear the amazing work you are doing. We are looking forward to next year’s concert already!”
Susan and Marcus

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