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51st State Band in Concert at Putney Arts Theatre 2015

On 13th November 2015, the 51st State Band were honoured to present a richly textured programme of music in the company of some huge stars of the Jazz world at the Putney Arts Theatre. Presented by passionate and enthralling Canadian singer-songwriter, Tammy Weis, this was an exciting and inspiring event.

It was our great pleasure to welcome guest artists Tony Kofi, Byron Wallen, Patrick Clahar and Laci Olah.

Tony Kofi is famous for his solos of exuberance and tenderness, and his sound is that of a master saxophonist. We were privileged to feature an original composition written by Tony and tailored for the 51st State Band.

Byron Wallen is one of the most innovative, exciting and original trumpet players in the world. He has performed and collaborated with a host of international artists throughout his prolific musical career and is regarded as a seminal figure in world jazz.

Patrick Clahar is a powerful post-Coltrane tenor player and one of the leading saxophonists of his generation. His performances are tempered with a strong sense of melodic inspiration, and he has worked with a host of internationally renowned musicians.

Laci Olah is a Hungarian-born, classically trained violinist who comes from the sixth generation of musicians in his family. His skills in improvising and orchestrating have lead him to collaborate with musicians from a range of genres including pop, jazz, rock and film scores.

We also had two incredible guests to present the Jack Petchey awards, Alun Armstrong and Julian Joseph.

Alun Armstrong is a British National treasure, who has played the full spectrum of characters over his career, including some of the most important and defining roles. He spent nine years with the Royal Shakespeare company, originated the role of Thénardier in Les Misérables and won an Olivier Award for playing the title role in Sweeney Todd.

It was a brilliant concert and myself and my friends had a really uplifting evening. It’s amazing what you’ve achieved at World Heart Beat and you must be really proud. I wish you all the best for your next phase of this exciting project. We’ll be spreading the word about your amazing success.  Alun Armstrong

Julian Joseph has been a towering figure in contemporary Jazz for over two decades. Acclaimed by critics and audiences the world over, Julian never fails to inspire with his mastery of the piano and limitless scope of his creative imagination. We are hugely grateful for Julian’s endless inspiration at World Heart Beat Music Academy.

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