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51st State Band: Jack Petchey Awards


The Jack Petchey Foundation is a young, progressive grant making Trust based in Ilford Essex. The award includes money to be spent on equipment and instruments, workshops and masterclasses, or going to concerts and shows.

Maya Vyas, 13 years old: June 2019

Maya always comes with energy and love of her instrument and playing with others. She is always cheerful and plays with great sound and vibe. Maya is helpful and always throws her heart and soul into the band’s musical activities. She is in our New Orleans Second Line band and performed at the US Ambassador’s residence last June. She has also performed with some of the flute section at Kensington Palace in November and was part of the opening festival for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe. She has performed with the 51st State Band in packed out concerts at the Putney Arts Theatre for five years in a row so far!

Katrina Williamson, 13 years old: May 2019

Katrina is a vital part of the 51st State Band. A a wonderful french horn player, she has a sound, and has been making excellent progress. We always enjoy her presence, she works well as part of a team and is supportive of her fellow french horn players.

Katie Watts, 14 years old: March 2019

Katie has been playing the clarinet in band since she was 8 years old.  She is a fantastic player who is an asset to the band, contributing her great sound to all the pieces. As well as coming to band each week, Katie also has been doing many performances, like at the Wandsworth Fringe Festival opening, the American Embassy and of course our wonderful band concert. Katie has also been playing in our Second Line New Orleans Jazz programme, which shows her skills to be able to adapt to different styles of music well. 

Lydia Sailor, 14 years old: February 2019

Lydia has been a dedicated member of the 51st State Band for many years now, coming every week without fail. She has become a wonderful clarinet player over the years, making her a great role model to the younger band musicians. Lydia is also an adaptable musician, who has recently been doing well playing in our Second Line New Orleans Jazz programme, including performing at the opening of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival. Lydia is working really hard and hopes to achieve her Grade 6 very soon!

Ayo Vincent, Leader Award: November 2018

Ayo is just fantastic. He is a wonderful musician and passionate about jazz and the humanity and legacy of the music and supports and inspires our work with young musicians to no end. He teaches, plays and helps with the 51st State Band and brings the level of the young musicians to a very high standard, especially in performance. He also works with the young saxophonists, trumpet, trombone and percussion players in extra sessions and rehearsals to lead New Orleans second line. These bands perform frequently with joy and amazing vibe in the wider community and are enjoyed immensely by both the young musicians and audience. Ayo also supports all the other musicians in every possible way by playing in their bands, or helping with sound, recording, composition, improvisation and performance. Ayo is also the chair of the student board.

Joseph Etim Gates, 14 years old: November 2018

Joseph comes to the academy on Monday to learn Jazz and listens to the recordings of the great masters at home. He studies classical flute and comes to our heartbeat orchestra on Tuesday. He plays with a wonderful sound and listens again to the great flute players of the 20th and 21st century’s at home. On Thursday he comes to 51st State Band and we think he should come as well on Fridays to our contemporary, rock, funk classes as Joseph also plays the drums and keyboard.

Freya Coombes, 15 years old: November 2018

Freya one of our wonderful flute players here has been diligently getting better and better and always strives for beauty of tone and beauty of the musical line. She comes to the academy twice a week, and is an active member of the 51st State Band. In a few weeks time, along with her music GCSE performance, she is going to take her grade 7. Freya is always calm, supportive, adaptable and lovely company. We really appreciate all of Freya’s contributions to the environment at World Heart Beat.

Louis Wild, 13 years old: June 2018

Louis is a committed member of the 51st State Band. Not only does he play the clarinet well, he has recently taken up the bass clarinet. This requires a lot of confidence because often he is the only player in our band, whereas before as a clarinet player he had many others to play with. Because of this he has developed amazingly as a musician who is confident and has learnt to adapt to the other musical instruments in the band. Unfortunately his bass clarinet broke recently, so we used the grant to repair the clarinet and to buy a new case for it, as it is more difficult to transport.


Bobbie Stilgoe, 14 years old: June 2018

Bobbie is very dedicated to improving in her drumming and rhythm; even attending band despite having a broken leg! She has been a valued member of the 51st State Band’s percussion section for years, and is inspiring young girls to start up the drums! The percussion section in band involves a lot of coordination, and Bobbie has been displaying this as a part of the rhythm section, communicating with the other players through her music, and holding the bands speed and time. Bobbie has spent the money on drumsticks and music for the band.



Bedr Abdulwahab, 14 years old: February 2018

Bedr with Thiago-a brilliant Brazilian film maker

Bedr is a great musician who plays the trumpet, the violin and also attends the gypsy violin classes, which has expanded his musical ability and helped him to progress. He also comes every week to the 51st State Band.He has an extremely positive attitude and has shown a true love of music since starting to play both instruments. As well as having a passion from music, Bedr has loved to get involved with film production and camera work classes led by Thiago, a fantastic Brazilian film maker. Helping Thiago with his documentary on the academy, Bedr has really developed his skills and we have seen him giving up lots of his time which is great! All of these passions have been reflected in his Silver Arts Award, which he is currently working on. Bedr has spent the donated money on costumes for the New Orleans Second Line concerts, and new band music. 


Joshua Craig, 14 years old: March 2018

Josh with his guitar teacher Scipio

He is a wonderful young saxophone and guitar player, who also develops his improvisation skills in our jazz classes and in the 51st State Band. This has made him evolve into a talented musician who has big aims and ambitions. He especially loves his jazz, because on top of the jazz classes Josh has taken part in many New Orleans Second Line ensembles, for which we couldn’t do without him! Like Miranda, he comes along on Fridays to play the guitar the bands which has been key in developing his confidence. Josh would like to spend his money on guitar pedals and cables for his band to use on Fridays at the academy.

Ava McCarthy Kerrigan, 14 years old: November 2017

Ava has been playing the clarinet in band since she was 8 years old.  She is a fantastic player who is currently working towards her grade 8 and is an asset to the band. As well as coming to band each week, Ava also enjoys playing in our gypsy clarinet ensemble, which shows her skills to be able to adapt to different styles of music well. She has chosen to put the money towards new music and equipment for the band. 

Catherine Lambert, 16 years old: November 2017

Catherine started the flute only a few years ago and has enjoyed playing in this 51st State Band since that time, and is a dedicated member who makes sure that she attends every week. Catherine is a major part of the wonderful sound the flute section is presenting this year.  Catherine also shows to us that music and playing in band can fit with all the academic responsibilities of school and for her she is Captain of a house and captain of a sports team as well. She will be using the money donated to fix up beautiful flutes donated to us by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation they will be able to serve our musicians for many years to come.

Catherine receiving her award at the annual band concert, with the renowned jazz musician Julian Joseph.

Joe MacLaren, 19 years old: June 2017 

Joe comes to the Academy as many times as week as he possibly can. On Mondays he works with our jazz band, on Thursdays he plays in the 51st State Band and he is the one of the musicians playing our especially commissioned piece for the Royal Academy of Dance’s Inclusive Company through our partnership with them. This project will be showcased at Step Live! at the Royal Festival Hall. He has been reliable and dedicated to playing at the dancer’s rehearsals. He is great to work with, and a joy to be around.


Wilf Diamond, aged 18 years old: May 2017

Wilf has been with the 51st State Band since he was very young, playing in our trombone section. He is been part of many, many concerts and most recently has become part of our New Orleans Second Line brass band. We are really proud of him, he has received multiple offers to music conservatoires and we offer our sincere congratulations to him for accepting an offer to Trinity Laban conservatoire to major in trombone. We want to recognise his wonderful achievements, and thank him for the fantastic inspiration he has been to our younger trombone players.

Wilf spent his Jack Petchey money on costumes for the New Orleans band performance at a recent street party.

Sarah Woodley, aged 15 years old: March 2017

Sarah has been playing in the band for a very long time and she is constantly improving. She is now working on grade 7 clarinet and is very dedicated and hardworking with a real love for her clarinet. She is a valuable member of the clarinet section and plays beautifully. We very much appreciate her cheerful presence, she is always ready with a smile.


Caroline Hansen, aged 18 years old: February 2017

Caroline has been learning music since she was very young. She has played in many of our band concerts and is a central member of our clarinet section. She has also started learning Saxophone and recently joined a Pop Keyboard classes. She has also helped us secure funding for our projects by going to the Youth Opportunity Fund panel to talk about our projects.

Leader Award 2016: Elena Rouhen

Elena has done an incredible job on our World Heart Beat Music Hour on Wandsworth Radio station. Every week she came up with a different theme for the show, a fantastic selection of music and writes a radio script. She was excellent at getting our students involved on the radio show by having them on as guests and co-presenters to talk about their experience of music, going to shows and people that inspire them in the arts world. As a result of her hard work – our radio show has broken the Wandsworth Radio Station record for most listeners. She also supported our students towards completing their Arts Awards which helped them improve their arts and leadership skills.

Emilly Santos, 13 years old: October 2016

Emilly has been chosen for this award because her dedication and commitment and openness to music knows no bounds. Emilly is a talented young musician who plays classical French horn, jazz trumpet, and also Emilly plays guitar and sings. She attends the 51st State Band, vocal groups, jazz ensembles, songwriting workshops, Brazilian music workshops and spends more than 15 hours a week at World Heart Beat. Emilly is working towards her grade 3 on French Horn and has recently started playing jazz trumpet where she is making impressive progress already. She is always a happy presence and jumps into new projects with both feet.

Nathan Dawkins, 13 years old: September 2016

Nathan has been chosen for this award because he comes to the Academy almost every day of the week. He plays clarinet, saxophone, bass guitar and sings. He attends the 51st State Band, vocal groups, jazz ensembles, songwriting workshops, Brazilian music workshops and is taking an Arts Award. Nathan also regularly takes part in our World Heart Beat Hour on Wandsworth Radio as a co- presenter and producer of the show. Nathan is working towards his grade 6 on clarinet and grade 5 on saxophone. Nathan is a communicative and thoughtful character, at our concert at the Speaker’s House, he gave a very moving speech about what music means to him and the huge difference it has made in his life.

Ariana Watkins, 13 years old: June 2016

IMG_0730Ariana has been coming to the band since she was small. She is now a front row flute player, a cornerstone of the flute section. Recently she has performed classical flute pieces at the Skinner’s Hall and Kensington Palace.

Ariana spent her achievement award money on purchasing a Gemeinhardt flute for the band.


Alex Stilgoe, 13 years old: May 2016

IMG_0727Alex has grown in confidence a lot this year. He plays the saxophone in both bands, coming early to help the younger children in the first band. He also comes to our songwriting classes and he is currently doing a composition challenge for his Silver Arts Award.

Alex wanted to spend his achievement award funds towards purchasing some high quality instrumental microphones for the World Heart Beat recording studio which will vastly improve the sound quality when we record the 51st State Band.

Samantha Beney, 13 years old: April 2016


Samantha started playing in the band only a few weeks after she first picked up the clarinet. Now, she is getting ready to take grade 8, aged only 13. She supports and looks after the younger members of the band. She is also working very hard at the piano and making excellent progress.

Samantha wanted to spend her Jack Petchey achievement award money on purchasing some beautiful world music instruments for our new music programme for babies and toddlers.

Matthew Burrell, 12 years old: March 2016


Matthew has been playing in the band since he was little and is now in the second band. He plays clarinet and is a very reliable member of the section. He is always very engaged and focused on the music and spends a lot of time writing his own compositions at home.

Matthew wanted to use his achievement award money to contribute towards purchasing some high quality instrumental microphones for the World Heart Beat recording studio which will vastly improve the sound quality when we record the 51st State Band.

Leader Award 2015: Alice Dougal

IMG_4419Alice Dougal has been playing in the 51st State band since she was a young teenager. Alice now volunteers her time to come every week, take care of the reception, help the young clarinet players, being a clarinet player herself. She helps the younger players when they get lost with the music, teaches them new notes. All of the children love her and feel very secure knowing that she is going to take care of them.

Jonelle Dadson, 17 years old: November 2015

IMG_34811-200x300Jonelle received this award because he is an integral member of the clarinet section in the band. He is always attentive in rehearsals and sets an excellent example for the younger members of the band.

Jonelle is putting his money towards buying a trumpet for the band.


Armaan Narula, 16 years old: September 2015

IMG_4416Armaan won this award because he is a very dedicated member of the band and a focused flute player. He is consistent and works very hard to help hold the flute section together.

Armaan is putting his money towards buying music for the band.



Paula Back, 14 years old: June 2015

paulaPaula has been learning Brazilian music in the band and has learned so many new songs that she has made it part of her Silver Arts Award. She has also performed in many of our recent concerts and has been very dedicated to practicing.

Paula is buying Georgian costumes and music so that members of the band can go and perform at a Georgian-themed event at Kensington palace.

Rebecca Wing, 13 years old: May 2015

rebeccaRebecca is our pioneer french horn player and is now taking grade 5. She also plays the saxophone and practices all the time. She is one of the most reliable members of the band.

Rebecca is using her money to host a Friends night where we can have a reception for the local community to see the band rehearse.



Kilean Watkins, 16 years old: March 2015

Kilean Watkins
Kilean has been chosen for this award for his commitment to music and to the band. Kilean is incredibly reliable. He works with his fellow young musicians maturely, is good-natured,  and is a pleasure to work with.
Kilean is putting his money towards an upright bass for the 51st State Band.


Isabelle Leggatt, 13 years old: February 2015


Isabelle always puts herself up for new challenges and programmes. She took to playing Brazilian music in the 51st State Band with commitment and enthusiasm and now loves this music genre.

“I loved working with the 51st State Band, where I can write an arrangement and kids can actually play it. Your young musicians are so respectful and are always ready to try out some new sounds”. – Pepe Barcellos, Visiting Brazilian Musician from Rio de Janeiro.

Isabelle spent her money on two stage lights which illuminate the concerts beautifully.

Leader Award 2014: Alice Cameron

Alice makes a valuable contribution to the running of the band. She always makes the young musicians feel comfortable and welcome. She is instrumental in keeping the music library organised and ensuring the children have the right parts to play. She provides a calm demeanour and we really appreciate what she adds musically and professionally to the band.

Tom Sutcliffe, 14: October 2014

Tom-Sutcliffe-receiving-award-from-Sir-Richard-StilgoeTom is a great Trumpet player in the 51st State Band. He is very loyal in the band since and has made excellent progress and is a wonderful role model to all young people. He always does his best.

Tom spent his award on buying a Trumpet for the Academy. This will mean that more people in the band will have access to trumpet playing opportunities.

Zahra Brown, 14: October 2014

Zahra-Brown-recieving-her-Jack-Petchey-award-from-Sir-Richard-StilgoeZahra won this award because she is dedicated, has shown long term commitment and is essential part of the 51st State Band where she beautifully plays the clarinet. She has been learning the clarinet since she was 7 years of age and is taking grade 7 soon.

Zahra bought a bass amp for the Academy because we are doing so much funky music that we need a good amp for the bass.

Daniel Lloyd-Jones, 16yrs: 2014

Daniel-Lloyd-JonesDaniel was chosen to win this award because of his progress on the trombone. He was a pioneer trombone player in the 51st State Band and is due to take his grade 8 soon. Daniel helps the younger trombone players and inspires love of music and confidence.

Daniel spent his prize money on buying a keyboard for the band.

Kirsty Goodacre, 15yrs: 24th May 2014

Kirsty-GoodacreKirsty won this award for her constant cheerful presence in the flute section of the band. She fosters band dynamics and harmony between its members. Kirsty is becoming a fine flute player herself and we value her musical contribution.

Kirsty put her money towards buying a keyboard.

Patrick McMahon, 16yrs: March 27th 2014

Patrick-McMahonPatrick won this award because he was our pioneer trombone player in the band. Trombone playing was an “endangered instrument” here in South London; Patrick is now due to take his grade 8 only after a few years of playing. His development is astonishing and he is an inspiration to everybody.

Patrick spent his award money towards buying music for Night in Tunisia, Respect and Family Guy, all of which have great trombone parts.

Amelia Sailer, 14yrs: January 30th 2014

Amelia-SailerAmelia has been very dedicated to music and to attending the band for several years. She always arrives with smiles and energy. She is a major source of inspiration for her peers with her enthusiasm and commitment.

Amelia will put her award money towards buying a camera for the band.

Leader Award 2013: Paul Gregory

Paul is amazing. He has an unbelievable connection with the young musicians in the 51st State Band and also has a high standard not only in his field as he is a top player, but also in the work ethic, discipline, concentration, focus and performance which he commands. Paul is constantly raising the bar for the young people in a very cool way. He is highly appreciated by the organisation.

Leah Wing: 2013

Leah-WingLeah has always been very committed to the band and has also made great improvement in her confidence recently. This has been seen through her helping younger players in the band when they find things difficult. Leah has put her award money towards buying a piccolo for the band.

WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE LEAH WON HER AWARD? Leah passed Grade 8 Flute with merit age 14. She is working towards a diploma and is choosing to do her work experience at World Heart Beat.

Freya Lewis: 2013

Freya-LewisFreya won this award because of her commitment to music. She plays the flute in the band and is a valuable member. She working towards the Grade 7 flute. Freya also put her award money towards the piccolo for the band.



Julia Back: 2013

Julia-Back-Jack-Petchey-winner-51stJulia was chosen to win this award .because of her progress in both the instruments she plays with the band. She has been practising a lot and this shows in her playing. Julia has just taken her grade 7 Euphonium and is working towards taking her Grade 7 clarinet. Julia spent her award money on music for the band to play. She chose a selection of Frank Sinatra pieces and ‘A Man and his Soul’, a Ray Charles medley which the band performed with guest artist Patrick Clahar in concert, November 2013.

Ella Macfarlane: 2013

Ella-MacFarlane-Jack-Petchey-winner-51st-Ella won the Jack Petchy award because of her good attitude towards all of the other members of the band and her enthusiasm in the band practise. Ella spent her award money on buying biscuits for all the members of the band to have after the rehearsals – an important part of band hospitality!



Jardin Omidvaran, 15yrs: 2013

Jardin-Omidvaran-being-presented-his-award-by-platinum-recording-artist-Daisy-ChuteJardin was presented with his award by Platinum recording artist Daisy Chute.

Jardin is leading the clarinet section of the 51st State Band and is always inclusive and kind to his peers. He is a role model and plays his instrument really well too. His love for what playing and for music is infectious.

Jardin spent his £200 on buying new music for the band. He has chosen Night in Tunisia – Dizzy Gilespie and the music of ‘Family Guy’.

Sam Richardson, 14yrs: 2013

Sam-Richardson-being-presented-his-award-by-platinum-recording-artist-Daisy-ChuteSam was presented with his award by Platinum recording artist Daisy Chute.

Sam is excelling at music. He is 100 percent reliable with his attendance and works really hard and quietly. Sam is working towards grade 7 on both the clarinet and the saxophone.

Sam has spent his money on buying bongos for the band.


Our Presenter for 2012

Jeffery Wilson is one of the country’s foremost composers and educators in music. He studied composition at the Royal College of Music with John Lambert, Herbert Howells and later with Aladar Majorossy, Gordon Jacob and in Paris with Olivier Messiaen. Jeffery has been commissioned by dozens of top artists to compose especially for them and has produced over 200 works to date. He has been composer in residence in over a dozen European cities and with some notable orchestras, including the London Festival Orchestra, London Mozart Players and the Northern Sinfonia. We first met Jeffery over 15 years ago when he came to examine all our woodwind players here in Wandsworth. His infectious character, creativity, encouragement and belief in our young musicians to achieve greatness at every level and ability to enthuse and motivate all who come across him has inspired me personally very deeply in my work.

Leader Award 2012: Thomas Bush

DSCN4547Thomas started playing with the 51st State Band when he was a youngster at school. He played in the band until he was 18 and then progressed to music college. Since completing a degree and then going onto do a masters in composition he has come back to his roots – the 51st State Band and is inspiring everyone in it. Thomas is also arranging the music that our young musicians request especially for them to play. We are really grateful for his example, his musical life energy, his support and expertise that he is offering to our organization.

Tom Spargo: November 2012

tom SpargoTom is dedicated to the band and is very serious about his saxophone playing. His playing has improved greatly over a short period of time and shows great promise. Tom is helping to hold the saxophone section together and his consistency and reliability is appreciated greatly. Tom is spending his money on a special rhythm and percussion workshop for all band players. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE TOM WON HIS AWARD? Recently Tom has passed Grade 7 Jazz Saxophone with distinction and Clarinet Grade 7 with merit.

Louis Bird, 15yrs: September 2012

louis-birdLouis comes to the band every single week and his enthusiasm and love of playing the clarinet is evident through his concentration and attitude. Louis is also doing well. He sets a fantastic example to the younger band members. Louis intends to spend the money on music for the band to play next year.



Wilf Cameron, 12yrs: February 2012

wilf-CameronWilf took the role on as drummer for the band after our drummer left the 51st State band to study music at music college. Wilf has taken this vital role so seriously and is has become a pillar of the band and his progress is unbelievable as a result. Wilf being a percussionist wanted to spend his £200 on a bass drum for the percussion section. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE WILF WON HIS AWARD? Wilf, now 14 years old has been accepted into the prestigious Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, which he attends on Saturdays.

Natasha Cowie, 13yrs: July 2012

natasha-cowieNatasha is reliable in her attendance and her playing. Just by being there she is making terrific progress and helping the organisation with ideas of music and what to play. She is always helpful and helps put all the equipment away at the end.
Natasha is buying a mixing desk for the band.



Emily Broadman, 12yrs: March 2012

emily broadmanEmily works so hard and with a great attitude in the trumpet section of the band. She is never afraid of taking on challenges and inspires others around her with her love for playing her instrument. Emily spent the £200 on buying side drum for the percussion section.


Thomas McDiarmid, 13yrs: May 2012

Thomas-McdiarmidThomas is a flute player and for some reason is the only boy playing in the section with 20 girls. He always is well natured and hardworking and adds considerably to the dynamics of the flute section with his evenness and love of playing. Thomas bought a crash cymbal for the band. As we take on more challenging music our percussion section really needed upgrading.


Cleveland Watkiss Presented the 2011 Awards









Meg Diamond

Meg-DiamondMeg has worked really hard and with a tremendous amount of passion for her flute playing. The Jack Petchey award panel were very pleased to give this prize to Meg as she has demonstrated that with hard work, with love of playing music and passion, high levels can be achieved. Meg wants to buy the band some new music with the fund that comes with her award. Each piece costs in the region of £100, so her award will buy two new band arrangements. We are really pleased that the Jack Petchey Award has given the young musicians more involvement in the music they play. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE MEG WON HER AWARD? Meg passed her grade 8 flute with distinction. Meg is also a songwriter. She is a Gucci Watch & Jewellery music scholar and is travelling with a group of World Heart Beat’s students to Italy to perform in the prestigious Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

Alice Dougal

Alice-DougalAlice Dougal had a dream that she wanted to play in the 51st State band when she was only seven years old. Alice had severe learning difficulties and, while learning a musical instrument would have been too much for many, Alice has been true to her dream and has become a wonderful and clarinet player and a reliable mentor to the younger players. With her Jack Petchey Award, Alice chose to help fund equipment for the percussion section with her award money. The band is currently playing a lot of jazz and, in particular, music by Steely Dan, so having a strong percussion section really supports everybody and makes the music sound so authentic. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE ALICE WON HER AWARD? Alice Dougal has now become a mentor and music leader with the 51st State Band.

Leon Osbourne

Leon-OsborneLeon was given the Jack Petchey award for showing great tenacity in his own achievements as a clarinet player. He is also is very giving in his attitude to others and in his contribution to the band’s younger members. With the money that he was given as part of his award, Leon wants to buy some new music for the band. He was suggesting Stevie Wonder who has written some great and challenging tunes.

Amber Osbourne

AmberNov10-cropA recent award winner was Amber Osbourne, who was presented with her award by the actor Guy Henry. She has developed so much confidence and self esteem from participating in the 51st State Band, and has become lead flute player, inspiring a team of over 25 other younger flute players. Amber spent her £200 grant on buying a flute – she is also able to mentor another young flute player who is being given the opportunity to learn as a result of Amber’s award. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE AMBER WON HER AWARD? Amber Osbourne gained her Flute diploma and now is Amber Osbourne ATCL. Amber has now become a mentor and music leader with the 51st State Band.

Quinn Oulton

quinnAnother award winner is Quinn Oulton. The awards panel felt that Quinn really stepped up to the mark and took the initiative to lead a group of our teenage musicians and perform in the concert as a band leader. It was quite a remarkable feat and everybody loved it. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE QUINN WON HIS AWARD? Quinn has just been awarded places to study Jazz Saxophone at both the Royal Academy and Trinity College of Music. Quinn is a Gucci Watch & Jewellery music scholar and won a scholarship place at Grammy Camp in LA which he attended in summer 2013. Quinn is travelling with a group of World Heart Beat’s students to Italy to perform in the prestigious Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

Alice Corrie: 2010

Alice-CorrieAlice Corrie was a worthy recipient of the Jack Petchey Award in 2010. She always puts all her energy into playing in the band and every week she comes along with a lovely attitude. She is always helpful and is a very good mentor to the younger flute players. In performances she is brilliant.




Kwabena Boateng

kwabena-jackpKwabena Boateng who started the saxophone with us a couple of years ago. To quote Gary Lewars, 51st State Band’s Saxophone teacher “Kwabena really deserves this award. He works really hard and learns his scales with willingness.” Kwabena is a talented young musician and we are proud to be supporting him. He spent his award on the French horn section. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE KWABENA WON HIS AWARD? Kwabena achieved his grade 8 saxophone with distinction and is a Gucci watch & Jewellery music scholar. Kwabena is travelling with a group of World Heart Beat’s students to Italy to perform in the prestigious Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

Tomi Durosinmi

Tomi-jpTomi Durosinmi has been a dedicated member of the 51st State Band for several years and uses this opportunity to develop his skill on the instrument. Tomi stands out from the crowd to show that its cool to work hard, be motivated and focused.

Emma Cowie

Emma&ClevelandcropEmma Cowie has thrown her heart into the 51st State Band and offers ideas and initiatives. She encourages the newer members and makes them feel at home in the band. We are really grateful to Emma for her dedication and for all the help she has given us over the years she has been coming to band. She was presented with her award by Cleveland Watkiss and spent it on performance folders for the band.

Jake Long: November 2009

Jake-Long-cropJake Long was presented with the Jack Petchey Award in November 2009. With his commitment and dedication towards music, he has brought a new vibrancy and popularity to the rhythm section of the 51st State Band. Jake spent the £200 award on buying new percussion instruments for this section. He was presented his award by the actor Guy Henry at the 51st State Band concert at Putney Arts Theatre. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE JAKE WON HIS AWARD? Jake is now in his 3rd year at Trinity College of Music. He is playing in a variety of bands.

Jonathan Winter: May 2009

jonathan-winter-1Jonathan Winter has been playing the trumpet in the 51st State Band since he was seven years old. He was presented with the Jack Petchey Award in May 2009 in recognition of his dedication, determination and his rock solid playing.




Sarah Prior: February 2009

sarah-priorSarah Prior won the Jack Petchey award in February 2009. She started playing the trombone only two years before and became a pioneer in the 51st State Band trombone project. She has started to take responsibility for the younger trombonists, and would like to buy a trombone with the Jack Petchey Award.



Melissa Simmonds: November 2008

melissa-simmonds-julian-josephMelissa Simmonds won the Jack Petchey award in November 2008. People are often given opportunities in life but don’t take them; Melissa won the award because she was given the opportunity to learn the saxophone and is using it. In only a few months of learning the instrument she has performed with the band. The award was presented by Julian Joseph.



Ben Broyd: September 2008

ben-broydBen Broyd took his place in the Jack Petchey Roll of Honour in September 2008. He chose to put his £300 award towards giving the members of the band a Jazz workshop. Ben won the award for his committment and dedication to music and his focus in band rehearsals. WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE BEN WON HIS AWARD? Ben is now in his 3rd year at York University studying music.

Louka Oulton: June 2008

loukaLouka Oulton won a place in the Jack Petchey Roll of Honour in June 2008, and chose to spend her reward on a new alto saxophone for the band. Louka was one of the key players in setting up jazz workshops, funded by YOF, for young people in the 51st State Band, and attended every session.

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