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Quinn Oulton


Singer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Quinn Oulton is a London born musician and recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Music.

Having played saxophone from the age of eight years and grown up under the wing of the many incredible jazz musicians that are a part of the World Heart Beat family (including Patrick Clahar, Julian Joseph and Trevor Watkis) his heart and mind are firmly rooted in the jazz genre and tradition.

He enjoys bringing to life his unique home-brewed songwriting concoctions alongside his explosive powerhouse of a live band. Quinn blends his harmonically rich saxophones, and colourful textures of guitars and percussion with an honest and deceivingly innocent approach to the art of songwriting.

He recently spent two weeks working with world-class musicians in Berlin, as a part of the Red Bull Music Academy 2018 where he explored new genres of music within the electronic realm.

Despite his passion for blurring the lines between genres in his own music he regularly performs in many more traditional jazz lineups around the country and enjoys working with students and peers regularly at World Heart Beat Music Academy.

In recent years, he has explored the art of songwriting by recording and self-producing his debut solo album.

‘The gifted London talent multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Quinn Oulton, is creative on many platforms similar to friend and inspiration, Jacob Collier, as he makes splendid music, animation and videos pulling out interesting details in the music when he layers his harmonically rich saxophone.’ – Julian Joseph – BBC Radio 3 Jazz Lineup

Greatest Musical Inspiration

James Blake. He’s an omnipresent musical magician that crosses so many boundaries effortlessly!

Best Musical Advice

Listen to and try to appreciate every type of music you come across – there will be something to learn from everything.

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